A Tourist Guide To Malta

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Malta a beautiful island country that is located in the Mediterranean sea, lying the south of Sicily in Italy and an archipelago with three of its islands, Comino, Gozo and Kemmua inhabited.  This is where you can find some of the most ancient structures in the world like the Neolithic temples and there are lots of places to visit when you are in this island.  The Silent City which is the ancient capital of Mdina has a lot of site attractions.   Mdina is a very romantic and a quiet place to be in Malta which is the reason why a lot of tourists are seen in this part of the world.


There are site of attractions in Malta where you can be like some of the UNESCO World Heritage sites; megalithic and the Hypogeum temples.  These are located at the island of Gozo and Malta and they are the oldest temples on planet earth. The rural atmosphere of Gozo is great and has become where expatriates make their holiday homes.

The Weather and Climate

Choose the right timing for vacation when you have a clue of what the weather and climate in Malta looks like, this is what you would help you get the perfect time that you can visit Malta.


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The lowest temperature is in the month of February with the day 14°C  and  night 7°C

July is the best weather month with temperature that is around day 33°C  and night 23°C

The cheapest Malta Regular deals begins from 206€ for a four day trip


Best Time To Travel To Malta

Malta has a climate that is between the Subtropical to Mediterranean weather condition, the winters are very mild and the summer can be from warm to hot.  Rainfall is seen mainly during the winter season and with summer comes the dry weather.

Malta has become a state with the world best climate according to the International Living. The average yearly temperature in Malta is within 23 °C (73 °F) which is seen during the day and 16 °C (61 °F) at night. For tourists who are coming to Malta in January, it can be a very cold period and coming in August keeps the temperature between minimum 20 to 24 °C.


The capital of Malta, Valletta is where you can get the warmest winter period with temperature that is at the average of around 16 °C during the day and 10 °C at night.  The country is one of the few locations in Europe that has green vegetation all through the year.  June to November can have a high temperature.

Coming to Malta depends on what you want to do, remember that  January is the cheapest month and December is the most expensive month to travel to Malta. This is what would support you in making preparation for your trip to Malta.The best time to visit Malta is late May or June, it is warm but not too hot, May temperature up to 22C and If visiting Malta for the beaches and the hot weather ,then the peak summer months from July to September is the time to visit.




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