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Experience Fab Cultural Feast In Malta

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The whole islands may be filled up and burning with extreme activities and you may have forgotten to think about Gozo and Malta. If you are thinking of  a vacation with a bang, these two locations are just where you need to be. We are talking about visiting Marsaxlokk on Malta where there are a lot of activities like the International Fireworks Festival pits pyrotechnic  that brings a  lot of experts from different countries to  battle for supremacy.

Marsaxlokk, Malta

There are tiny boats bob for fishing  that you can find when you are ready to listen to the Beethoven symphony that can be felt against the backdrop of Fort Ricasoli.  You can move to the island’s capital, Valleta that was named after Jean Parisot de Valette, who was the founder where you are going to be entertained.  Once, this city was almost destroyed thanks to the Knights of St John who had used it as their refuge for those who were injured and for those who werepilgrims during the Crusades of the 16th Century.


There is the Cathedral of St John which is a masterpiece of the city, this church is simply beautiful and have history patched around it. You are going to see the church right at the middle of the town square, its golden murals are legendary. It was unscathed during the bombing during the Second World War, which is an amazing feat. You are going to see tThe Beheading of Saint John The Baptist which is Caravaggio’s largest painting and it is in the cathedral’s oratory. Tourists love this island because there are a lot of things to see that are laid back to the preservation of the history of the people. You can see this at the Casa Rocca Piccola, Valletta’s “living museum”. This is where history that has been complied over 400 years can be seen.

We can now move to the port of Cirkewwa to the island of Gozo, where you can find the 6,000-year old Ggantija Temples,  which are the Neothlitic structures  that are strongly believed to be some of the oldest buildings on earth. There are myths that said that these structures were constructed by giants and it may not far from the folkore stories when you see the mammoth stones that were used in building this place. You may not move easily around this tiny island, so you just have to pick a bus and move around some of the best beaches and the red sands of Ramla Bay.

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Do not forget that the aromas of the meals will torment you until you get into any of the restaurants for a great meal. Of course, you are going to love it because the meals around here are simply irresistible. The cost of coming here may not be as expensive as visiting some of the overrated islands like Hawaii that have become the home of almost everyone. When you want to have a great time, you are going to have an exceptional moment in these two islands.

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