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travel to MaltaI traveled to Malta for a three-day vacation in the company of my brother. This was the first time my brother and I were going on vacation together as adults. We had such a great time in Malta that it feels like yesterday because of the many good memories that we came back with. Our determination to see most of the attractions and engage in fun activities paid off because we did not miss on any major attraction. Like most travel destinations along the Mediterranean Malta has so much to offer from beaches to cultural centers.

Our adventure in Malta begun at the Divewise Dive Centre where we enjoyed diving for hours on end using the first class equipment that we had been given. There are also instructors who have great personalities and they were fun to hang out with. In fact, their company and level of professionalism made us to begin thinking of going back to Malta in future. From the Dive centre we went to the Spinola Bay, that has numerous restaurants and cafes right on the shores of the Mediterranean. We checked into one of the eating areas where we enjoyed some Mediterranean delicacy followed by a brief swim at a buoyed off protected area for swimmers. It was a great feeling. If you do not want to swim, you can just enjoy the great views of the harbor that usually has a host of painted boats that bob up and down the water as you sip away a drink of your choice. The view is stunning.

We also dropped by the Portomaso Marina that is a great place for relaxing/strolling. The architecture is unbeatable so we took some photos. This marina also offers some great sea views as well as nice food in the numerous restaurants that are lined up. If you are keen enough you will also be able to see some of the best-looking yachts on the island. This marina is also clean and regularly patrolled by friendly management. The security here is also guaranteed. I also noticed the lovely graffiti that is on done on the wall that is behind the rocky trail beside the sea.

The Balluta Square is another remarkable landmark that you must visit in Malta. This is because it has experience great transformation from a place where Ford Cortinas and Ford Anlias used to pass through the Neptune diving club in 1986 to the modern diving club that it is today. There are also more modern cars passing through this bay. You can also stop here for a break if you are walking as there are several kiosks selling snacks and drinks. You can also opt to have a complete meal at any of the restaurants here, pass time and enjoy a little relaxation at this very cute square that has a fountain and is surrounded by some great historical buildings. I must say the Maltese dishes are such a delicacy worth trying. My favorite of them all was scruples.

travel to MaltaDuring our travel to Malta, we discovered that this island has some hidden gems among them St. John’s Co-Cathedral that is a unique monument and a true representation of Baroque art. The rich artistic and historic heritage that this building presents is a must see as the architecture and décor are truly stunning. We spent some time staring at the marble floors bearing the coat of arms of the knights as well as the painting of the beheading of St. John. We also had an opportunity to visit Mdina Old City that served as the medieval capital and is at the top of the plateau. Although there is nothing much here, it is a great place to explore the streets while taking photos because of the architectural, cultural as well as historical experience. The views are truly amazing because it is one of Malta’s highest points.

If you are into cars, then you must make a point of visiting the Malta Classic Car Collection Museum. Although it is not among the biggest collections I have seen before, this museum presents nostalgia at its best. The cars and bikes are well maintained and in excellent condition even though most of them have since been forgotten. Also notable was a collection of typewriters one of which our other used back in the day. We were thoroughly impressed that we bought a CD for keeps. Another historic attraction is the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum temple that is also a UNESCO world heritage site. While here, we got to learn a lot about the history of the origin of the Maltese people. The beauty of this site is the fact that it is excavated in a rock as opposed to being constructed. Even then, you need to book this site at least three months to your actual visit but it is well worth it.

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It was also amazing to discover the interesting Upper Barrakka Gardens that offer a great view of Grand harour. There are a number of interesting statues and a lift to get to the waterfront. This is definitely something that you must not miss. We were lucky to witness the firing of the cannon that is an age-old tradition. It was great sitting in these gardens for a while before proceeding to with our adventures in Malta.

To sample the Maltese nightlife, we spent an evening at the Chamber of mysteries that is Malta’s exclusive nightlife as well as a three course traditional Maltese cuisine, great entertainment and plenty of wine. We were also treated to numerous other feats that were equally amazing like mind reading, magic and illusion which defy explanation. These are presented by award winning magicians. We also tried out some Maltese dance moves that were just amazing. The set up was cozy, authentic and memorable. Another great place that is worth visiting is the Mnajdara Mefalithic Temples, also categorized under the World heritage site. The site was breathtaking and we truly loved exploring these ruins. The site of these temples is breathtaking. You can also bring along children as there are many fun things that will keep them entertained.

travel to Malta

Another equally amazing historic site that you need to visit in Malta is Casa Rocca Piccola. This private residence is certainly the best you can ever find in Malta. This house dates back to the 16th century and was home to the ninth Marquis de Piro and his family. The furniture paintings, furniture, silver as well as other items are second to none. The family chapel and the summer dining room are definitely worth talking about.

travel to MaltaIf you are a Christian, you must ensure that you visit the Church of Saint Paul’s Shipwreck even though it is slightly hidden. This building lived up to our expectations even though the door does not reflect the kind of splendor that is found in the paintings, ornate silverware and the other interesting relics that were all impressive. Closely related to this is the National war museum that has various arms of the armed forces among other awesome exhibits. To awaken our wild side, we went to the Malta Falconry Centre that is home to the birds of prey and a great place to learn as well as entertain the public. The location n is great and the different native birds are worth seeing. We also visited the clean and less crowded Golden Sands Beach that also has cliffs as well as a watchtower with a scenic view. It is a great hiking site as well as a great place for taking nice pictures. We concluded our travel to Malta with a visit to the office of the President of Malta that is also known as Grand Master Palace. We also got to see some of the antique military weapons that completed the entire experience. As we took our flight back home, we were certain that we had made the most of our opportunity to travel to Malta even though we did not exhaust all the attractions. We hope to make a second visit some day in future but before we do, you too should plan to travel to Malta for one of the best travel experiences you can ever think desire.  

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This is very nice place, i wnat to visit this place at least once.

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