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travel to maltaIf you are fond of travelling to islands and ecstatic about the wonderful beauty that it encompasses, then all that one needs to do is to travel to the island of Malta that lies to the south of the Italian island of Sicily.Malta is actually an archipelago of several small islands with only the largest three of them being inhabited namely Malta, Gozo and Comino. What prompted me to visit this island country is its rich historical legacy portrayed in the form of fortresses, stunning geography, village feasts and many more.

Being a lover of historical heritage, my first stop on my visit to the island was the well known, ‘SilentCity’. This place is actually one of the highest points of the island and is surrounded by the breathtaking view of the Rabatvalley. I was surprised to see the fortress standing on top of everything as if having a bird’s eye view of the island. It would be not an exaggeration if I say that the fortress is the brightest feather in the cap of the places to see when it comes to this beautiful island country.

Carrying on the similar breath I couldn’t also afford to miss the visit to the St John’sCo- Cathedral that boasts of the wonderful architectural heritage of the island that has actually been built by grandmasters of the Knights Hospitaller. What particularly fascinated me about this Cathedral is that it contains Caravaggio paintings, Knights languages and many other relics that made me spell bound as well as proud to be a witness to the rich heritage that the different countries of the world have to offer.

travel to maltaThe next in line heritage sites that I made a point to visit was the Hypogeum that is an underground temple. In the beginning I was a bit hesitant to enter this underground structure but later on I left the place enthralled by the architectural skill of the artisans of that time for the cave consists of the oracle room, main chamber, the decorated room, holy of holies and the snake pit. The only difficulty that I encountered while visiting this place was that I had to remain very alert to booking the tickets well ahead of my planned visit, otherwise I could have missed to see this wonderful place.

I had done a good study of the places to drop in by while visiting Malta, so my next stop in the line of discovering the historical legacy of the island country was the world famous ‘Megalith Temples’ of Malta which are one of the oldest free standing structures on the earth. I had already noted down the names of the places which I had to visit before my visit that included Ggantija, Skorba, Ta Hagrat, Tarxien, Mnajdra, Hagar Qim, so I had no difficulty in finding out these places when I was actually there.

After completing my historical part of the visit it was time for me to explore the natural beauty of the islands of this beautiful land and pack my haversack around by back and set off for some adventure. The most interesting geographical feature of the island is The Azure Window that is a rock arch present in the Malteseis land of Gozo. I was simply spell bound by the beauty of the sea and the arch that made it look like as if it is a gateway for the rivers blue water to pass through. It seems as if the arch has been made thoughtfully by the nature mother. It is place worth clicking pictures that will surely remain etched in my memory for a long time and make me keep a record of the beauty that nature has bestowed on the people of Malta.

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travel to maltaThe sea never fails to mesmerize me, hence the island of Cominowas one of my favorite destinations. The visit to this island was special for two reasons that made it a memorable experience for me. The island has the perfect blend of the earthy smell and the refreshing noise of the waters nearby, where I stayed for more than a few hours getting drenched and enjoying the play with waters. The next attraction was the St Marys tower that has been featured even in some movies. It is so spectacular to see the structure standing tall in the middle of the land that captivated the heart beat of every visitor.

Grand Harbor has although been used since ancient times as a harbor but this time around I step foot on a ferry to carry me to the farthest reaches of the island and get enthralled by the breathtaking beauty of the waters of the island. I spend my entire night on the ferry in the middle of the sea surrounded by calm waters that took me to another world where there was only calmness and stillness. I will have to admit to the fact that it was one of those nights which I can count among those ones that gave me the comfort and that peace of mind.

My visit to the island country would have been incomplete if I hadn’t visited Kalkara which is believed to be the first place that was inhabited by people on the island of Malta. The village presents the most enthralling view to the visitors at night when there are lights around and the waters look is more mesmerizing than ever. I would surely love to visit the place once again so that I spend my entire vacation here with my near and dear ones. It is surely a lovely place for all to see and forget the worries of your tough life.

I had made it a point to see that I visit this island country in the summer season for it is only then that I would witness the madness and the fun that every village or town feast had to offer to me. The feasts are actually celebrated in the memory of travel to maltathe saints. There are various festivals that are celebrated in this connection that include Our Lady of the Lily in Mqabba, Saint Phillip in Zebbug, Mount Caramel in Zurrieq, Saint Mary of Imqabba but it is difficult to say which one I liked the most for all of them include a plethora of activities related to a display of paintings and the wonderful play of lights that make adda different aura and ambience to the whole atmosphere.

If I have come to Malta, then how could have I missed the Valleta Carnival which is famous for the fireworks that takes place there. I too tried my hand in the contest but couldn’t make it to the good books of anyone although but it was more pleasure to watch how the people make use of the fireworks to spread joy and happiness. What is more interesting about this contest is that it is totally free and I haven't spent any extra penny from my pocket.

Last but not the least; it would become an unforgettable experience of your lifetime when you take those walks around the country side.  This trip would surely remain etched in your memory for a long time to come.





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