Vacations In Martinique

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I always look forward to my annual vacation because I get to retreat for some relaxation and rejuvenation considering my daily busy schedule. Consequently, I take time to research about my destination as well as find good company prior to my actual travel. Last year I spent my vacations in Martinique within the Caribbean in the company of my boyfriend of three years. This turned out to be the most memorable experience I have had in recent times that I still have vivid memories of the great time we had in this amazing destination.

When we arrived in Martinique, we began having a feel of French air that blended perfectly with West Indian warmth. This was evident through the cuisine and the cultural influences. All in all the first thing that you need to know is that Martinique is one of those less publicized paradises therefore you will need a few days to best enjoy what is has to offer. My boyfriend and I had come up with an itinerary before travelling even though it was subject to revision once we arrived there.

Vacations in Martinique

I usually like giving a day to day account of my experience when I travel to a new destination but that will not be possible for this particular destination because we were there for more than a week yet we could not even exhaust all the attractions and activities. Even then, I can guarantee you that we truly had a ball. I will therefore share highlights of the various places that we visited and the exciting activities that made our vacations in Martinique worth the while.

One of the amazing places that we went to is the Balata Gardens where we enjoyed the serenity of nature while sampling different species of trees and flowers. Moreover, it felt great walking around the garden especially because it is something that I rarely get an opportunity to do. The highlight of this trip was the rope bridge that is carefully tied to the adjacent trees. Although I dread heights, I took up the challenge and yes, I made it across it. The garden is a great place for individuals as well as families and you will definitely love the beauty of this garden. Do not forget to bring your camera as the fastidiously maintained garden presents great photo opportunities. Whether you are a nature lover or not you definitely need to include this garden in your itinerary when you visit Martinique.

Vacations in Martinique

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The other place that we visited is Clement House that is tucked away on Martinique’s eastern coast. It is also regarded among the famous plantation Homes that you can find within the Caribbean. I highly recommend that you stop here as they offer a detailed explanation of how rum is made from sugarcane juice. In addition to the explanation, you also get an opportunity to sample the products that are available for purchase at the shop. If you are in the company of kids, they too will be catered for through an art gallery as well as kids park. If you are unsure of whether or not you need to visit, I can guarantee you that it is a great place and definitely worth the visit.

La Savane des Esclaves is another great place that you need to visit while you are on vacation in Martinique. This place is quite interesting and it provides a good insight into the kind of life that the slaves lived. You will also find some information on how slaves escaped. There is a guide to take you on a tour around La Savane des Esclaves even though you need to be familiar with some basic French.

Vacations in Martinique

You may also want to spend some time at Les Salines Beach that is beautiful and has great vibe. We drove to the beach through the lovely countryside. The beauty of this beach is that there is enough space for parking and shades so you do not have to worry about crowding even though the beach is busy. We also had a great swim while enjoying great views of St. Lucia. The atmosphere at this beach is also great and you will love every minute spent here just as we did. In fact, you will be tempted to make subsequent visits to this beach. Other notable things to look out for on this beach include the crescent of sand that is amazing so you can get the best trail when you are sunbathing on the soft sand.


I also have a habit of visiting museums whenever I travel to a new destination so we went to Musee de la Pagerie for a nice and historic visit. The setting of this museum is so great while the garden and parking area are well maintained. We found some guides on standby and they took us round while sharing with us some of the historical facts about Napoleon. During this tour we discovered that the museum is dedicated to Napoleon’s wife Josephine. Regardless of whether you are a lover of history or not, you can be sure of falling in love with this museum.

If you love hiking like me, then you will take pleasure in going to Mont Pelee that is a volcano credited with the destruction of St. Pierre town. However, you can be sure of a great hike up as it is not too difficult to go up the summit. All you need to do is bring enough water to avoid dehydration. To enjoy this hike, look out for great views on both sides of the road and even behind.


Another great place to enjoy swimming in a pool within the sea is Fonds Blancs. This coral barrier allows visitors to not only swim but also snorkel while enjoying the excellent fauna. I would definitely recommend it to you if you enjoy spending time on water fun. Away from the beach luxury, we also went to the Schoelcher Library that is believed to have been established in 1889 in France but was shipped to the Island where it is located today. You definitely do not want to miss this monument considering its role in the abolishment of slavery, its architectural beauty and ornate art.

Vacations in Martinique

We also had an opportunity of being at one with nature by visiting the Caravelle Peninsula for a walk on the beautiful landscape mirrored with rocky coasts, white beaches and mangrove swamps.

The views from chateau Dubuc that is also referred to as old plantation ruins is nothing short of magnificent. Moreover, it is not contaminated and has numerous authentic villages thus is passes for a little paradise. While here, we also had the opportunity of sampling some of Martinique’s delicacies.

Vacations in Martinique

A quick visit to St. Pierre Island is also worth considering especially because if presents endless photographic moments. In fact, I categorized it among the must visit places. It felt good walking around this old fashioned town while snacking along the way. From the ice cream to the spices and beach promenade everything was worth the time we spent here. Martinique is a truly awesome destination that I can recommend you visit on your next holiday because you will surely have fun and the best of times ever.

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