Visit To Mauritania

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There is more than it meets the eye in Mauritania. It is not only about the nature, the landscapes, and the adrenaline that this place brings into your life but also about the strong history, the caravan towns, the world heritage and the ancient civilization. Mauritania has a great culture that combines all divides and all the population living there. It consists of both the descent Arabs and the black Africans. This makes it very appealing with such striking combination of cultures. I am very happy to tell you more about Mauritius and its splendor because I went there and experienced so much that I want to share with. We had a great office trip for the staff that was organized as a retreat for the company’s top management team for team building and for us to socialize. The Public relations department did a very recommendable work to choose Mauritius as our destination to visit. I loved everything about it.

 Visit to Mauritania

We actually started our tour retreat from the Mauritius Sahara which is one of the largest deserts in the world. It actually covers about a fourth of Africa area land that includes Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt. It is actually out of the city of Mauritania but it is worth visiting. This is one of the enormous attractions in Mauritania. We learnt a lot from the desert and its surrounding. Although some of the colleagues never wanted to visit the place at first, they became very excited and really enlightened when we got there because they saw a massive desert that they had never seen before in their lives. It was all happiness and excitement as we walked along the desert learning more about the trees and plants that manage to survive in this desert. It looks dry and the soil is reddish in color.

 Visit to Mauritania

Visit to Mauritania

The landscapes in the Sub Saharan region of this place were breath taking as we walked along to have the great view. These landscapes were actually caused by the outrageous weather conditions that consisted of some long rains after a very long drought that usually terrorises this place. The climate in this region is normally tropical and it is advisable to carry some water while having a great tour of this place. This is because at times it becomes very hot and you need not to become dehydrated as you enjoy the nature but it is worth enduring the climate as you see all these marvellous creations.

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 Visit to Mauritania

We love shopping and just getting to see new items as colleagues is something we value. We also wanted to have a view of the ancient trading centers to learn more about what goes on there currently and the history of the place. This made me to visit one of the ancient trading centers in the Northern Mauritania called the Chinguetti trading center. It is found in the East of Atar just along the Adrar Plateau. It actually has a very large population of about 5000 people. It is really a great heritage site that has been known to be the seventh holy city of Islam. The climate here is tropical and it was very hot as we went for this trip during the summer. The history of this place is very interesting and great fun to learn that this ancient city was initially developed as the center for the trans-Saharan trade routes that were meant to connect the Africa and Mediterranean regions. It later on evolved into the Islamic culture central point. We couldn’t have learnt all these rich historical events with reality without visiting the place. We were able to see all the routes and the buildings that were used and this place is currently used as a shopping center. We actually managed to buy some of the items of traditions and traditional clothes at a reduced cost.

 Visit to Mauritania

We also visited the city of Kiffa which is actually the capital of Assaba region, located within the Southern Central of Mauritania. This city is a great attraction city of a crossroad country. It is in Mauritania yet it connects the northern part of this country to its eastern and Southern region making it easily accessible from any part through all means. Kiffa city is currently developing into a large urban centre very huge population making it the second most populated city in Mauritania. Seeing all these places and plying through all the roots were just a wonderful experience in my life and even in the lives of my colleagues. The event was quite awesome, a breathtaking moment with one another as we enjoyed the nature and get to know one another better. It was a very educational event that we had here.

 Visit to Mauritania

Visit to Mauritania

We moved to Nouakchott, the capital city of Mauritania which is located near the West African Atlantic Coast on a plateau just about 435 kilometers in the Northern part of Dakar in Senegal. We actually booked a plane and when we alighted from the airport, we moved to newly revitalised industrial area to have a view of what actually goes on in that place. This Nouakchott city is a marvellous village to have a great adventure. It is one of the very original coastal villages in the desert. This was actually the ancient village that developed into a great city that is now very developed and flourished with so much to admire. This city actually became Mauritian’s capital from the year 1960 when France had independence. It later on became one of the major refugee centres during the Saharan droughts. The city is currently a great tourist attraction with the Nile River Delta that has brought enormous activities and development to the people of Mauritian and its surroundings.

 Visit to Mauritania

We had to relax and have some good drinks in one of the hotels so we moved to Hotel Halima which is about 1.6 miles from the city center of Nouakchott. It is a very splendid hotel with a well kept and very clean beach for good relaxation. We had good part of the evening there just sharing the ideas of the places we had visited and socialising. This was a great place for team building and knowing each other better as we took some drinks. Later on we ordered for delicious meals that we took as part of our supper. These people are really great cooks that I have never met in my life. The food had the aroma that is irresistible to the mouth and we could see people’s mouths getting watery as the waiters pampered us with their delicacies as we ordered. It was a bit hot here and getting to the beach to have some sun bathing was the great medicine. Some of us went while others were still feeling others and the rest were shy. When we came back to meet at the restaurant again, it was a great story of a wonderful time at the beach which made those who were left behind to regret their decisions.

 Visit to Mauritania

We also visited the Oulata which is well known for the agricultural and trading kind of economy. Oulata is just 100 kilometres from Nema in Africa just within the South eastern part of Mauritania. It is actually the caravan trade city that is part of Ghana Empire. It was founded back in the eleventh century when it was eventually declared the world heritage site that has grown to be the Islamic learning center. It was also known for the great trans-Saharan trade routes and definitely the cultural and religious center. Getting to see all these was miraculous as we had been hearing about all this through the historical books and archive. But when we visited Oulata, it came to pass that we had to connect physically with the history and the past cultural events of this land.


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