Mauritius Is Great

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Hi Friends,

I am currently in Mauritius.

It is a relly nice place for vacation with family.

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Yes it’s a perfect and beautiful destination to spend holidays with family or friend. The Mauritius weather is perfect: the water’s temperature on the Mauritius beach is between 20 and 25 degrees all the year, air’s temperature never comes down under 16 degrees and doesn’t go higher than 30 degrees.

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Good Info I am impressed.

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John Dennis

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Mauritius is a wonderful family destination with lots of eye catching attractions. Mauritius can be visited in any season. Some of the attractions of Mauritius are:

Grand Bay,
Balaclava Ruins,
The Triolet Shivala,
The Labourdonnais Orchards,
Cap Malheureux,
Belle Mare Beach etc

I think you should have covered most of the places.

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