My Adventrous Holidays To Mauritius

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Adventrous Holidays To Mauritius

My plans for my annual sightseeing and world tour came up at short notice this year. Thanks to the simple Visa on arrival that I could undertake the visit to Mauritius the wealthiest one among the African destinations. A tropical forest, it had scuba diving and deep sea fishing offers, which were irresistible.

I planned and reached Mauritius in the evening so that I recuperate and I am ready to enjoy the country. My first impression of the town was excellent. The car took me through the narrow streets which were well lit up and busy with the homebound traffic. My guide and the local help with me told me about the local restaurant and the shops while going to the hotel.

The next day my guide arrived early morning for he planned to take me to their National park. The Black River Gorges National Park was spread out into approx 6800 hectares and was beautiful collection of the tropical plants and the wild life. The ambience of the forest was well maintained and strict discipline ensured that there were no trails of any previous visitors as well.

Adventrous Holidays To Mauritius

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My guide helped me to enjoy the trek through the Black river trail which passed through the highest mountain. The Maccabee trail plunges into the gorge into the black river. The trek was excellent and I could gather many valuable photographs of plants, birds and the river. The most rewarding photograph was of the gorge connecting the black river.

The next day we headed to the Casella Bird sanctuary. It was spread over 60 acres of land and showcased the largest habitat of the birds, the zebras and the lions. The large or the giant tortoises were really exciting. There were other families with their children enjoying the mini farms and the fish ponds. My guide knew my choice and guided me to the small expedition. I was equipped with the required camp kit and led to the top of “Mamzel Zabeth” which offered me an excellent panoramic view of the lagoons and the Rampart Mountains. The kit I realised was just the required ones to cross the gorges, cross the cliffs and plateaus. I should say a well planned trek. After enjoying my lunch we set course back. Though exhausted, it had satisfied my hunger for some adventure and photography. The high pigeon holes the cable bridges were engraved into my memory that I can now just close my eyes and relive those excellent memories all my life. I retired early for getting my camera readied for the next day’s adventure and sightseeing.

The next day arrived with more excitement. We were headed to the Gang Bay the most popular destination within Mauritius. The Port Louis is the modern Capital of this island and attracts the scuba enthusiast world over. We were headed to through Flick en Flak resort area. The guide soon got me the kit and a help who took me to the scuba diving point. The water was crystal clear and allowed me to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the sea, which otherwise I had never seen earlier. I was treated with a small trip to River Noire where many of them were doing deep sea fishing. My cameras worked incessantly capturing every moment. I wrapped up every moment and etched them in my secret but my favourite memory book. To my joy I got time to go in a small submersible boat which encapsulate only two at a time and explored the underwater tropical fishes. I would call it an out of the world experience especially for a tourist who has started his exploratory journey only recently.

Evening I decided to move on my own to Blue Bay. There after getting a snorkelling kit I went out to see the coral and the fish in the blue bay. The boats men had also given me the offer to take a glass bottom boat, but being an environment lover I decided to get the personal experience of the only Marine Park. Adventrous Holidays To Mauritius


The next day was relatively soft on my physical requirements. I went along for the Port Lois a traditional town with modern outlook and sandwiched between the mountains and the Indian Ocean. The local populace, the craftsmen and the live entertainment was really enjoyable. We visited the 18th century Ox driven sugar mill and enjoyed the traditional and old houses at the Domaine les Pailles. The water front encouraged me to shop coral and other decorative items at Caudan Water front. The bazaar, which was built in 1828 maintains its ambience and is known for its spices market saw our evening was successfully engaged. I shopped for souvenirs and decided to settle down for the day. Under the guidance of my local guide I climbed the 812 meter high ‘The Thumb” Climb Le Pouce. The two and a half hour climb was really satisfying since it gave us a full 360 degrees over view of Port Lois and offered various photographic opportunities.

Since I was now left with one more day of my holiday I decided to absorb the night life at the eastern beaches. Belle Mare Plage is one of the best beaches on the eastern side. I spent the evening enjoying the cool breeze and the moonlit beaches.

On one of the free evenings I planned my visit to the National museum which houses the bell recovered from the LE San Geran Ship’s wreck. It is said to have inspired the Paul & Virgine. There were rooms dedicated to the British, French and other nations who held the Country as their colony for a long time. The walk through the long lost era was a very memorable one.  

Before departure I was finally left with one more destination to visit, The Chamarel waterfalls! The panoramic view is seen to be believed. The extraordinary coloured earth which is said to have been the result of volcanic lava cooling at different rates, indeed was a splendid view.  The rock strata formed provide different colours and certainly stimulates your brain and mystifies you with natures beauty. The journey was coming to an end and so was my peace of mind. So I decided to visit the Hindu site on Plaine Chapagne. The 33 metre high statuette of lord Shiva heralds the temple entrances. The statue was full of colour and incense sticks which spoke of the recent festivities that had taken place. The pilgrimage route leads to a natural crater and a lake which is formed at Grand Bassin. I spent my last few hours before my flight enjoying the warmth of the religious sentiments.

Adventrous Holidays To Mauritius

Though I enjoyed the trip thoroughly I simply felt the time could expand and would give me some more time to enjoy the left over places too. The Southern untamed coast, which boasted of the natural rock bridges and cliffs of Gris are the ones that I had in mind. With the thought of that I will soon plan another vacation to Mauritius.

One Advice to all the enthusiasts, plan your trip in advance and plan with the help of a local guide, for they help you to forecast the weather and take the best possible time for your trips. The local eating joints are very pocket friendly and tasty, provided you know what to order.

I finally set my trekking shoes and the dress to rest, with great memories of my splendid holidays to Mauritius!


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