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travel to mauritiusI’m a travelling freak. I’ve visited a large part of the world, but somehow Mauritius was a place that just slipped out of my travel map every time. But this time, I decided to admire this amazing place’s beauty on a very special occasion. I planned my honeymoon at this wonderful place and I’m glad that this place didn’t disappoint me. I and my wife were thinking of spending our honeymoon at a peaceful, yet majestic place, and our search for such a destination came to end with Mauritius. I must say…AWESOME PLACE!!

Our romantic journey started from the city of Port Louis. After freshening up a little, we left our hotel for a visit to the Sir Seewoosagur Botanical Garden. It’s an ancient botanical garden, opened in 1770.  The garden is home to a vast variety of spices, sugar canes and more than 85 types of palms. The place is most popular for its massive water lilies. This place served as the perfect start to our vacations. We were mesmerized by the beauty of lilies and other aquatic life around the garden. After spending some great time in this place, we headed to Blue Penny Museum. This museum is a jewel in the beauty of Port Louis. This museum hosts a collection of Blue and Red Penny Stamps, and hence the name. The pennies are very beautiful to see. They reflect the history and culture of Mauritius. Also, the museum displays a delicate collection of Mauritius’s and world’s history. I must say, this place is a must visit place for all. You travel to mauritiuswould find vast collection of knowledge to gather in this place.

Now after spending time at some calm places, my wife was already asking me to go out for some shopping. And I knew that this was time to go to the China Town. This place is full of hustle and bustle. Actually ‘Lively’ is a more precise term to define China Town. There are numerous small shops, street-comedians, and restaurants, entertaining tourists and serving needs of people of a variety of tastes, coming from all over the world. We enjoyed a lot of window shopping in the neighborhood and finally bid farewell to this place after buying a beautiful necklace for my better half. Well, it’s not a big deal to buy a necklace, but come down to China Town and choose from over hundreds of such available, and you’ll know how special this feeling can be. The sun was setting, and with that, we also decided to end for the day.

The next morning, after having breakfast in our hotel, we left for Grand Baie. It’s a village along the coastline of Mauritius, very famous among the tourists. Famous for its emerald green waters, this place is full of liveliness, be it day or night. Grand Baie offers a variety of options like swimming, water skiing, and sailing to the tourists. We enjoyed some time at the Pereybere Beach. It’s a small but nice beach. We hired a yacht and sailed off the horizon. Later on, we enjoyed the world-renowned night life of this village. And truly, there was no lie in anything I had heard about this place. This place really rocks!! A home to the best night clubs and bars of Mauritius, there is no doubt why Grand Baie is called the hub of Mauritius’s night travel to mauritiuslife. We really enjoyed our visit here. Mark this place as your top priority if you plan a trip to Mauritius.

The next day of our Mauritius trip was booked for Flic En Flac. It’s also a small village of Mauritius, famous for fishing and its beautiful beach line. From being a small village, basically a fishing hub earlier, this place has transformed to being one of the topmost tourist attractions of the country. The waters along the beaches of Flic En Flac are famous for underwater diving. I’m fond of diving, so I decided to dive in the beautiful waters of Mauritius, while my wife confined to just chilling on the beach. The aquatic beauty of Mauritius is as admirable as the beauty above ground. I saw some really pretty sea creatures and some rare, splendid aquatic herbs.

Our next destination was Chamarel’s Seven Coloured Earths. This place is a geological arrangement, formed such that the sand dunes of the area comprises of sand of seven different colors. These colors are yellow, purple, blue, green, brown, red and violet. The magnificent views of these seven-colored sand dunes make this place a famous tourist attraction. This place falls in the Black-River district in the south-west part of Mauritius. The various colored sands artlessly settle in diverse layers, and hence the dunes acquire a magnificent, striped coloring. Also, very interestingly, the dunes of Chamarel’s Colored Earths never erode in spite of Mauritius’s tropical rainfall. The view of earth colored in seven colors seems as if a rainbow fell onto the ground, coloring whole of the earth. This place is truly amazing. Worth a visit! We also bought a test-tube filled with sand from the colored earths, as a sovereign of this wonderful place.

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travel to mauritiusIt was the last day of our Mauritius trip when we headed to the Trou aux Cerfs volcano. This is a huge volcano with an altitude of about 2,000 ft. It’s a dormant volcano, and so is open to tourists. The volcano is not fully accessible, due to embankments of slit and water. But whatever part of the volcano is accessible, it’s really admirable.

After this quick visit to the volcano, we headed to 2 other beautiful beaches of Mauritius, the Gabriel Island and the IIe aux Aigrettes. These beaches can be very well defined by just one word, “Magnificent”!! Nature has blessed these with unexplainable beauty. These islands are declared as nature conservation sites and are preserved by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. Some of the world’s rarest species of wildlife and aquatic plants are found here. These islands are famous for their mesmerizing, unspoiled beaches. The water along the whole coastline of Gabriel Island is crystal clear, which allows for great snorkeling opportunities to the visitors. Owing to this, I thought of grabbing the opportunity and decided to enjoy snorkeling at this amazing place. This time, I managed to convince my wife to come along with me. It was the first time we were going to snorkeling together and there could not have been any place better than the beautiful seashores of Mauritius for this. It took our intimacy to a next level. We both truly enjoyed snorkeling in the crystal clear water of the Gabriel Island. I must say, if you are coming down to Mauritius, definitely dive – in the clear water and enjoy this to the travel to mauritiusfullest. You aren’t going to see such clear water in any other part of the world.

With this, our honeymoon trip to Mauritius came to an end. And hypnotized by its beauty, we’ve already planned to visit Mauritius again on our anniversary. This country is truly blessed with some spell bound magnificence, which attracts soul of hundreds of tourists to it. Mauritius is in fact a gem in the earth’s jewel, without which, the beauty of earth isn’t complete. If you like to roam across places, add this place to the top of your list, and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.



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