La Amada Hotel
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Country: Mexico City: Isla Mujeres
Lote 34 Mza 1 Condominio Playa Mujeres Isla Mujeres 77400 Quintana Roo Mexico
Type: Hotel
Contact: 888 692 6232 Or [email protected]
Cheapest Room: 300 US$ (US Dollar, United States)
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Hotel Overview

La Amada Hotel is a 5-star Luxury hotel in Playa Mujeres, México, the newest luxury resort desitnation in greater Cancun. situated on a peninsula just 25 minutes from Cancun Airport, La Amada Hotel brings deluxe hotel accommodations to the natural Caribbean beauty of the location. In this tranquil Caribbean setting, relaxation rules , and our guest  have easy access to an extensive spa and fitness facility , a variety of fine dining, seaside  golf and whatever our guest pleasure, at La Amada Hotel, impeccable service, lavish suites, and natural Caribbean beaches all set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Aroma Restaurant

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