Bus Ticket From Tijuana To Albuquerque

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Tijuana City in Mexico provides its visitors a variety of things to do and places to explore. The mix of activities you can try and natural attractions to admire makes this city an ideal holiday destination in Mexico.

Bus Ticket From Tijuana to Albuquerque


If you want to see the entire Albuquerque City, the best option is to try the cable ride at the Sandia Peak Tramway. You can enjoy the panoramic view and a different spectacle. It takes 15 minutes to go up and also 15 minutes to go down.  

Here are the available modes of transport from Tijuana to Albuquerque

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Bus Ticket From Tijuana to Albuquerque

The distance between Tijuana to Albuquerque is 1,267.5 kms. The travel time between two cities is 9 hours and 30 minutes. There is one bus transport service company that cover this route daily (Goto Bus Line) and it passes by the stations of 27th Avenue and McDowell Road as well as the city of Glendale Arizona before heading straight to Albuquerque. The cheapest bus fare can be bought at US$ 132. To know the latest timetable and type of bus service, visit this site: https://www.busbud.com/en/bus-albuquerque-tijuana/r/9whpwx-9muc14

If you want to see the most stunning panoramas of Mexico and make a stop to take pictures, the best option is to drive all the way from Tijuana to Albuquerque. The travel time is 13 hours and 25 minutes.

Bus Ticket From Tijuana to Albuquerque

Train Ticket From Tijuana to Albuquerque

If you need to travel via railway transport, the first option is to take the bus that will take you to Oceanside Station in Tijuana and from there take the express train that travels up to Albuquerque. The travel duration is 19 hours and 35 minutes. The lowest train fare is US$ 105. To get the schedule of arrival and departures, check out: http://www.rome2rio.com/s/Tijuana/Albuquerque

Airplane Ticket From Tijuana to Albuquerque

Another way to travel between Tijuana to Albuquerque is via air transport, but you must take the flight to Albuquerque in the airport of San Diego City. Travel time is 5 hours. The plane ticket costs US$ 196. 

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