Holiday In Mexico Puerto Vallarta Style

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I have always wanted to go on holiday in Mexico and not even the many reports of insecurity were going to stop me. It’s a beautiful place with deep culture and astonishing scenery. I spent quite a lot of time making calls and researching on the safe places to visit and found that there are quite a number of places one can visit in Mexico and enjoy a fun holiday without safety concerns. Since I was eager to enjoy a cultured holiday filled with lots of pampering, my family and I took off to Puerto Vallarta as our preferred holiday in Mexico destination. Located in Jalisco which is one of Mexico’s Federal Entities Puerto Vallarta is a politically safe city.

holiday in mexico

My first impression of Puerto Vallarta was that it’s a cultural yet urban city. I was right, not only do you get to experience raw beauty but lots of vibrant people in the streets and many plazas as well. Though I only came across this beautiful city in my research for the first time, I was surprised to see that it was a tourist hot spot for people who are on holiday in Mexico.

holiday in mexico 

The city is filled with many public sculptures, galleries and festivals and being an art lover myself, I was thrilled to be here. I had to visit the popular Teatro Vallarta art theater which is located in the city center. The Teatro Vallarta is a modern theater built with great architecture and has been known to host spectacular events such as the fandango extravaganza, vagina monologues and famous opera singer Filippa Giordano. Unfortunately for us, no such event was taking place when we were on holiday in Mexico, however, we did get to enjoy a collection of fine art pieces from Mexico’s young upcoming artists.
Our holiday itinerary included lots of outdoor activities and the Eco Explorer did not disappoint. I learnt to fish from a Kayak and enjoyed a wide array of water activities which included kayaking, whale watching and snorkeling in clear refreshing waters. Another unforgettable activity which got my adrenalin pumping was the Pirates of Bay Night Show. This pirates’ show which takes place every night in Malecon, Puerto Vallarta provided great entertainment with sword swinging pirates, fireworks and gun powder filled guns. The food was also amazing and a stark contrast to what you would expect in a pirate ship. This night event is unfortunately restricted for adults only so if you are on holiday in Mexico with the kids then you may have to skip this one. The pirate show begun just as the sun set and went on for about four hours.

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holiday in mexicoholiday in mexico 


You cannot visit this Pacific Coast city and not enjoy of the many cruise tours available. The half day shore excursion we enjoyed provided a magnificent view of the city and shoreline. The cruise ship did not disappoint either and was above what we expected with excellent meals and cocktails. This was definitely one of my highlights while on holiday in Mexico. For those who wish to holiday on a cruise ship then there are well priced cruises where you can enjoy a 7 day cruise or even longer depending on your vacation plans. 

Since we were staying in a beach resort, most of our time was spent playing beach sports and enjoying the sun thanks to the accommodating weather of Puerto Vallarta. The staff in our resort were very polite, friendly and I did pick up a few Spanish words here and there. I also got to enjoy a pampered afternoon at the spa with a body massage by the beach front with backdrop sounds of the Pacific waters.

Who doesn’t love to shop while on holiday? On my last day of the holiday in Mexico, I set out to look for souvenirs at the Puerto Vallarta shopping center.

holiday in mexico 

 As mentioned earlier, the city is quite modern and many shops have trendy clothing. However, since I can find trendy clothes any time I want at home, I set out to the local stalls to look for local art pieces and accessories. Mexicans love color so you will not fail to find lots of items in bright yellows, orange and red. And of course I did not forget to buy my ‘I Love Mexico’ t-shirt for keepsake.

holiday in mexicoThis was the most thrilling vacation I have ever had. Though I cannot vouch for other parts of Mexico I will be sure to encourage people to go on holiday in Mexico especially Puerto Vallarta.

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