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I've recently been to Playa del Carmen in Mexico and would like to give you some pointers of what to do while you are there!

As you can see from this picture, the beaches there are just outstanding!

So where is this awesome place? This beach resort city just south of Cancún on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, in the northeast of Quintana Roo State.

The beach in Playa Del Carmen is the place to relax and soak in every precious minute of sunlight you can possibly get. This beach is busy but never overcrowded and you can always find a place to lay down your towel, an empty deck chair, or a swing seat at a bar. Walk from one end of the beach to as far as you can go, stopping to take several swims along the way. The sand is fine and white; the water is beautiful neon blue. This is a place to see and be seen, to hold hands with your girlfriend, to wink at others if you're single, to have philosophical conversations with foreigners over drinks, to look at fishing boats and hear the tinkling noises their masts make, to compare scuba notes with other divers, to watch grown women play and roll in the surf as though they're little girls again. And most important of all is: This is some of the best bikini-watching in the entire world.

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Two major leisure activities in Playa del Carmen are walking Avenida 5 and walking on the beach. This is a great beach, with expansive stretches of smooth, white sand. Different areas of the beach have somewhat different atmospheres. Close to the ferry pier it is a little less fun - noisier and seemingly a little dirtier. But going north from there you can keep walking and never stop. You'll pass several beach bars and clubs, which you can ignore or stop by for a drink. Then there is a designated swimming area, and further north, closer to the next pier, there are many fishing boats. You can also hire sport fishing boat just to try it for fun. Continuing north you come to two relatively big hotels on either side of the pier. North of here the beach is great, with a few beach clubs where you can pay a little and hang out on a chair under an umbrella and relax. If you feel like walking further, you can just keep on going....

If you are only here for a day, I'd suggest you walk up Avenida 5 until you get tired of it, and then down the beach.


Another thing you can do if you have time is seeing another Island with the ferry being right there in town. Go to Cozumel for a day! There's lots to do & see in Cozumel. You can play & shop in San Miguel. The main town for Cozumel & where the ferry docks. There's all sorts of neat little shops, cafes & restuarants on the main drag. Or hit the back streets to see what the vendors are selling. Grab some mexican ice cream & watch the traffic go by in the town square.

I sugget you to snorkel off of Cozumel's gorgeous white sand beach. Or just snorkel off the docks. There's plenty of places to snorkel from and better yet you'll be able to tell all your friends that you snorkeled the Planacar Reef! Shoot, if your a diver, take the Ferry over & do a couple of dive's on the famous Planacar Reef. There are teams & teams of tropical fish & colorful coral. The Planacar Reef is famous for being one of the best dive/snorkeling spots in the carribean and attracts divers from all over the world. Visit Cozumel's ruins in the Jungle. It's a totally different environment from Tulum or Chichen Itza. Make Cozumel a day full of adventure. There's plenty of time to pack in several activities in one day & if by chance you don't get it all done, come back tomorrow. The Ferry runs from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel every two hours beginning at 5:00 a.m. and the Ferry from Cozumel runs every two hours beginning at 4:00 a.m.. Just make sure your back on the last ferry run at 10:00 p.m. or you might be spending the night on the beach!. The price of the Ferry is 8$ one way & takes about 40 minutes.

Swim with Dolphins

In Playa del Carmen you can use a unique opportunity to swim with dolphins.

I selected the so called VIP swim with dolphin, where there are only 5 people in the group. (Usually there are ten people in the group)

I also ordered a DVD and photos, which is quite expensive. I paid about 150$ for a one hour swim and 150$ for the DVD and pictures. However, if you are traveling with a friend you can ask them to take the pictures or shoot the video. You probably won't get as professional pictures as you get with the company, but it is a good and cheap compromise.

Swimming with dolphins was unforgetable experience, especially on the first encounter when you see this huge monster coming next to you! You also do lots of tricks with the dolphins, the most impressive one is the "foot push". Anyway, you better experience it yourself.

One important recommendation for hot girls: you better wear a single piece swimsuite, because in the course of the "foot push" you can lose your bikini :) One girl lost it in my group and it was awesome! cos she was hot!!!


Finally... If you want to relax and enjoy a restful stay on your trip to Playa Del Carmen then rent a sunbed get a shade umbrella and enjoy your whole day...lounging. You can order cervezas, nachos and whatever else you want. Read a book, sleep, and feel pampered. For 25$, we could spend a whole day, eating, drinking and napping... and at the end of the day, feeling relaxed and very happy. 

Have a great and  happy beach vacation!

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John Dennis

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This little Caribbean seashore town has grown extremely in fame during the last decade. There's a superior reason for that - Playa is an incredible place to fritter your vacation, hang out, or live. The town has grown along the shore, so wherever you go, you will feel the closeness to the sea. Thanks for sharing.

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Thailand Thailand
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Very nice place!!

Thank you very much for your sharing.

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