The Caribbean Paradises In Mexico

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Mexico has a lot of places for you to explore and discover exotic water species, great meals, historic temples and a Caribbean paradise. Why can you find such a paradise in Mexico? We would be taking you to well fort out destinations for you to see for yourself. You can start with the fortress city of Tulum that looks out over the sea , it lies on a white sand that is in the dappled shape of beautiful palm trees. This is where the fun of getting you entice begins. However, there is still something that awaits you when you come to Mexico.


We are talking about the reef teeming that is accompanied by exotically beautiful fish at Cancun in Mexico. This is the place we are talking about with its reef having shoals of fish and it would look as if the rainbow has encompassed you when you are here.  There is nothing as fascinating as seeing these colorful fishes around you swaying in the gentle surf.

We must tell you that there is shark to see when you are here. The reef swim is one of the beautiful things that you may experience here.  For those who are not going for this swim, there is the terra firma where there some 1,500 fork-tailed frigate birds that nest there. This place may look like the Jurassic Park when these birds make use their huge wingspan to soar from mangroves.


There is Caribbean restaurant Zavaz, which overlooks the beach with a wraparound balcony. There is a swim-up bar where you can take in a rum punch too. There are a lot of exotic meals that have been cooked to make sure that you have some great time here. You can tastes the main courses, along with a full salad bar including ceviche (fresh fish in lemon juice). The Mexican honey and aniseed ¬digestive with an espresso cortado coffee to end your  lunch or dinner.

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You can visit  Coba, which the centuries-old ruins of a Mayan jungle city. The Maya people settled there for the freshwater lakes and underground rivers and our guide Raul explained farms are still being uncovered today.


The centrepiece is an 80ft pyramid rising through the jungle canopy and we climbed its 120 steps in 28C heat to the temple on top. This gave us views of smaller temples popping through the thick jungle in the distance. When you come here, there is this peace and tranquility that makes this place to be exciting. You got the whole world of fun in your palms to celebrate and there are lots of friendly people around to ensure that your visit to Mexico is not going to be boring for you.

There are a lot of things that you can while in Mexico. This is one of the reasons why we see so many people who come here for their vacations. You may not want to miss out of the fun when you are here especially when Cancun and other amazing places are involved.

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