Things To Do In Tijuana

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Tijuana is a city in Baja California that stands alongside the Mexico and U.S. boundary; it is also recognized as the "corner of Mexico”. It is an ideal holiday destination where you can explore its multidimensional and dynamic culture.  The wide-ranging style of this city will mesmerize you with its walls that are lined with street art exhibits.


In the market, you can find skilled plastic craftsmen (independent artists) and proudly display or express their artistic inclinations adding color and character to the city of Tijuana. The old buildings still stand and are well preserved, while its historic arch (Arco Reloj Monumental) is recognized as a structural icon and a symbol of the city. Discover how the streets of Avenida Revolucion look more brilliant with random drawings by independent plastic artists who have assumed control over its roads and relinquished commercial centers to transform them into an ultimate artist's paradise.

When To Go:

Visit Tijuana

The best time to go around the city of Tijuana is during the warm season months of June until September because of its agreeable temperature which normally ranges from 20°C up to 25°C. The other ideal months to visit Tijuana are January up to May and from October to December when the normal temperatures are somewhat cooler yet at the same time ranges between a charming 10°C to 20°C. However, if going around Tijuana in extremely hot weather is not your idea of a holiday, avoid visiting the city during the month of August when the humidity is at its peak starting from 25°C up to 30°C. Snow is very much unlikely to happen at any time during the year. The coldest month and time of the year is during the month of December where the temperature can go as low as 7°C.

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Tijuana City

These are the attractions and favorable things to do in the exciting city of Tijuana:


Avenida Revolucion

Avenida Revolucion is widely visited by tourists from all around the world and a walk around this famous road should not be missed while in Tijuana. Crafts, food, entertainment, the warmth of the people and the level of care and good treatment with respect to the tourist is undoubtedly the most interesting highlight of this avenue. It is located in the center of the city of Tijuana and is full of clubs and dance halls, discotheques and full of curiosities; a visit to the monumental clock is a must. If you want to buy souvenirs, eat or have a beer, walk and visit the landmarks, you can explore it on foot safely.

Avenida Revolucion

It is the most visited avenue in Tijuana; it crosses the entire city and renamed in different sections but without losing the direction. This is where you can find everything from a pharmacy, doctor, dental office, optical shop, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, and souvenir shops with so much to see and buy. Avenida Revolucion has a strong presence of police and security personnel up to the arc. There are many local and shops and you can have a good time in its festive Mexican atmosphere day and night. Do not forget to take the picture near the Burro-Zebra. Do not miss a visit to this famous avenue that is part of the history and growth of the city of Tijuana.


El Popo Market

The El Popo Market is a great place to buy handicrafts, typical sweets from Mexico, and spices for food, piñatas, and any type of ornament for a Mexican feast. It is a very old market where you can find a variety of tasty Mexican candies and several very delicious cheeses which the sellers will highly recommend. Almost everyone buys snacks there because the price is right and most shops offer a good variety to choose from. You can also find a wide selection of oils, seeds, and natural remedies. The place is also an ideal spot to take photographs of a typical day in Tijuana.

El Popo Market

The atmosphere may be a bit chaotic, but the charm and commercial appeal of this market is a real crowd drawer for foreign and locals alike. Every shop highlights their specialty, whether it is dried fruits or delicacies, owners provide a free taste of their product. There is also an area that is designated for household goods and other curios crafted in Tijuana. The prices are affordable, especially on jewelry and blankets. The handmade jewelry here can be customized and it looks really wonderful. You have to go there soon enough when they open in the morning because it becomes quite crowded and chaotic towards the afternoon. Strongly recommended are the Mexican delicacies that are tasty, and for those who like spices you will be spoiled for the wide range of choices presented. If you want to shop for goods made in Tijuana, a visit to the El Popo Market is a must.


Old City Hall (Palacio Municipal Antiguo)

The Old City Hall (Palacio Municipal Antiguo) is a historical place of old architecture, although it is a small place it is very well managed and has a museum that can be visited any time of the day. In the museum, there is an old picture of the city of Tijuana and also explains the history of the city.

Old City Hall

If you get inside the old city hall, a resident guide will welcome you and give a free mini tour of the municipal palace of Tijuana. You can enjoy a good tour of the old building, the museum, and its gallery of old pictures. It is very old but still looks neat and preserved by the city government for tourism and historic purposes.


Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT)

The Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) is an impressive and good example of modern architecture that is worth visiting while in Tijuana. The presentation, neatness and activities taking place reflect a great sense of organization. Visitors like going to the IMAX cinema inside the “ball” where there are always new films and documentaries shown. This is where all Tijuana cultural activities are done, whether it’s about dance, film, and music. There are always free tour guides that you can avail upon entrance and who will explain the function of each room. You cannot miss this center for art, beauty, and culture if you visit Tijuana.

Tijuana Cultural Center

Here you will find everything that you like; painting, good music, theater, art, and much more, in a beautiful setting and very good prices. It is ideal for families with children and where they can spend an enriching and nice afternoon.  It is full of culture and fun for the whole family, there is always entertainment at affordable entrance rates and has adequate access for all people. If there is nothing to do on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, the CECUT is always a good choice because it has several free exhibits with interesting and current topics. It is one of the best attractions in Tijuana because it has a cinema with international premiere films, a museum, theater, children's library, children's workshops, international exhibition hall and many other things. It is a must place to see in Tijuana for tourists and locals.


Universidad Autonoma de Baja California

The Universidad Autonoma de Baja California is an emblem of Tijuana City and an acknowledged landmark institution for education. It is a comprehensive campus that is constantly adding new buildings to try to meet the demand for classrooms and spaces, gardens, and manicured access and sports areas and the center of high performance competitive level in sports and education for the people of Tijuana.

Universidad Autonoma de Baja California

It is a privilege to study in this university that is equipped with excellent instructors who dedicate their time and passion for their chosen profession. The campus is located in a safe area and has grown and developed enormously as the years pass by. It is the best and the largest university in the state with an extensive academic curriculum and produces the best quality of teachers and students in Tijuana. It is highly recommended for every tourist in Tijuana to include a visit to this prominent university in their travel itinerary.


Playas de Tijuana

The Playas de Tijuana is a nice place to walk to the sea, with a scenic view and numerous typical food restaurants nearby. A few meters away from the beach area is the lighthouse which can be visited during the day. Playas de Tijuana is an ideal beach for walking and spending a nice afternoon or to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee while enjoying the breeze from the seashore. You can also eat some good seafood. It has cinemas and middle-category hotel where you can rest and have a quiet place to spend the day. During a boardwalk tour, you can even reach the fence that divides the United States from the city of Tijuana (it is the farthest point of the Mexican geography); overlooking both sides of the border if you are standing at a vantage point. There are cafes, bars, restaurants and everything you need that will guarantee you’re going to have a marvelous weekend vacation with your family.

Playas de Tijuana

The beach itself is stunning and looks gorgeous in its entirety. You can go a long way and find shops that are offering local crafts, cafes, taco stands and paleterías which are all very good. It is an excellent choice if you just want to see the sunrise and sunset or simply admire the panorama of the sea. Playas de Tijuana is a good place to sit and relax. It has great cafes to enjoy a drink, and several Mexican food restaurants. The water is cold in summer and in winter even more. Locals often refer to this beach as the place where Mexico begins. Always be prepared for the cold breeze towards the evening, you cannot miss this tropical beach which is multicultural and interesting. It provides the unparalleled view of the Pacific Ocean and not to mention the best sunsets. This is a great place to enjoy the sun, sand and create wonderful memories while staying in Tijuana.


Ceart Tijuana

The Ceart Tijuana is a very beautiful place with nice gardens, several cultural activities, and almost always shows a movie. It's like going to the movies, but everything is free, the room is well equipped and very modern. It's a good option to break the routine of visiting cultural attractions in Tijuana. The tour has a free guide and despite being relatively small each room is incredibly well-off, the culture is skin deep, and the entire place is managed by excellent facilities and staff.

Ceart Tijuana

The place is very educational and every trip to Tijuana should include a tour inside the CEART museum, with a planetarium film education that all children and adults should know, and a visit to the library. In addition to enjoying a show in the theater at night, they also have outdoor movies for free.


Plaza de la Unidad y la Esperanza

The Plaza de la Unidad y la Esperanza is a tourist attraction in Tijuana that was built to commemorate the death of former PRI political party candidate in 1993. When you manage to get there, you will understand the history of Mexico. It was in this place where candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio was killed on March 23, 1994.

Plaza de la Unidad y la Esperanza

The place is located near a ravine and looks abandoned, but it is where Mexicans built a statue for someone who tried to change the course of history. A visit here is mandatory for students and those who are curious to know more about Mexican history.


Mercado Hidalgo

Mercado Hidalgo is a place that will truly make you feel that you are in a Mexican town. You will surely have a good picture of international tourism because of the variety of nationalities and foreigners who shop there. It is an indispensable for local or Mexican people living in the USA who want to find fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, cheeses (the best!), handicrafts, piñatas and much more.

Mercado Hidalgo

This is the ideal place to make the provisions necessary for that delicious Mexican meal that you want to prepare for your family. It is here where you will find a lot of things and very good prices, especially if you are looking for herbs and natural or Mexican culture products. It is worth mentioning that there are also very good options for traditional Mexican food that you can try and purchase. There are also a good variety of organic products that are worth trying at affordable prices. This market is the best alternative for the River Zone to find authentic Mexican food and goods.


Estadio Caliente Xoloitzcuintles de Tijuana

If you like football, you have to experience the atmosphere of the hot stage inside the Estadio Caliente Xoloitzcuintles de Tijuana. It is not like before that beer was thrown to drop a goal, it's quieter, but the atmosphere is passionate because most games are at their maximum or almost maximum capacity. Most of the vendors here do not sell water or soda; if you don’t drink beer you will have trouble finding something to drink. 

Estadio Caliente Xoloitzcuintles de Tijuana

Since February 2014, the stadium has shown notable progress in its construction, the paving of all inputs is completed, as well as installation of fast food restaurants in interior corridors of the stadium, with a few similarities to Qualcomm or Petco Park. The bathrooms are in excellent condition, clean and of good quality. There are now many security personnel and remains a place of good family atmosphere.


Tijuana Country Club (Club Campestre Tijuana)

This golf course is located in the south and very near to some other attractions in the city of Tijuana. It has everything you need to spend a great time while playing golf with courses that are lined with beautiful landscapes of much vegetation. The Tijuana Country Club (Club Campestre Tijuana) is an excellent hotel/restaurant with an impressive golf course in the city; equipped with 18 holes, trees, and a cool place to stay and dine while in Tijuana. If you are not staying in the hotel you can pay to play and enjoy its wonderful amenities. It has a restaurant with an excellent panorama of the golf course and fine cuisine which is ideal for family meals and business conferences. You will find everything here; ample parking space, good food, and a relaxing atmosphere. It has an all green golf course and ballrooms that are very stylish. The place has very good facilities and function rooms that are worth spending a big event for. An outdoor bar and food kiosks are also provided for those who can’t resist putting the green and enjoying a sip of a cold beverage while playing.

Tijuana Country Club

If you are staying longer in the United States, be sure to go on foot to the border in Baja California and visit Tijuana City. It is worth seeing; a place with interesting attractions, wonderful culture and cuisine. It is not a terrible place and you might go through a few meticulous processes in the immigration, but it is pure routine and it would be an interesting journey. A visit to this multicultural city is always an enriching and lovely experience. Another interesting part to discover in Tijuana is to enjoy the richness of its local cuisine and the unique concept of its restaurants. The city has increasingly become the favorite place for people with discerning palates. Poultry, seafood, vegetables and all the riches that Baja offers can be enjoyed fresh and organic as well as its staple food like tacos, burritos, and drinks like Mexican tequila and craft beer, thanks to its spectacular Mediterranean climate which ultimately is the ideal climate for delicious seafood and wines that exist in this land that is so fertile. 

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