Don't Miss Places In Moldova

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Moldova is a land of whole plains, lush forest hills and rivers. A fertile black soil covers much of the country, which has warm summers and mild winters. This makes the land suitable for farming and agriculture which are both important to Moldova’s economy. While most people work on farms, more than half of its people live in rural areas. Moldova lies on the edge of the steppes (plains) that stretch all the way to central Asia. This position has made it vulnerable to many invaders. In the Middle Ages, an independent state called Moldavia was founded here. This included the present - day Moldova, then called Bessarabia, and what is now known as eastern Romania.

Don't Miss Places in Moldova

These are the top ten not to be missed places in Moldova.


Dendrarium Park

The Dendrarium Park is located in a relatively remote place far from the bustle of the city area. The territory has a huge number of beds of flowers that delight the eye with their beauty and diversity. There is a quiet pond and fountain which is so calm and serene, plus the pleasantly relaxing and long avenues of ornamental plants and tall trees. You can prop up with a good book and stay on the soft grass in the middle of the green covered lawns. In this nature park you can relax with the family, spend a peaceful hideaway spot for a romantic couple,  or explore the area with a large group of friends to enjoy the silence and fresh air.

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Dendrarium Park

There are no noisy amusement or sports grounds, only comfortable promenade, benches with free Wi-Fi. The breeze and smell of the fresh flowers that surround the park is calming for the senses. It is one of the best botanical gardens of the metropolitan city (Chisinau)that is divided into different zones; forest, open fields, flowers, and streams. The 83 hectare park is a favorite tourist spot for Chisinau residents and guests. On record it has a total of 1,800 groups of growing plants and trees that are all well maintained and cared for.


The Stefan Cel Mare Park

The Stefan Cel Mare Park is not particularly large but has an interesting central fountain and walking alleys. The park has so many interesting things to offer but one of its famous areas is where the busts of famous people who have contributed greatly to the independence and development of Moldova can be found. Some of the busts are the local and international celebrities that made names in politics, entertainment and academics which are featured along the shaded paths of the park. The folk festivals and national events are also held here on weekends. You can spend so much time surfing the internet because most of its areas are covered by free Wi-Fi service.

The Stefan Cel Mare Park

In addition there are benches that are equipped with electrical outlets to power up your notebook or laptop. It is a quiet park to visit and linger as you walk through the boulevard of Stefan Mare, tour the flower market, take pictures along with the Arc de Triomphe that has the Moldovan flag on its tower or pass by the Parcul Cathedral which stands in front of the Orthodox Cathedral of Chisinau.

The park was created in the 19th century and was first called as the Public Garden. In 1863, the Public Garden area was fenced and enclosed with an iron wrought fence, weighing 5.5 tons and consisting of 460 parts molded in the Odessa mechanical plant. Installation of this architectural masterpiece lasted several years and is still durable as a great fence up to this time. Everyone who visits the park is fully aware of the need to care and keep the park clean.


Milestii Mici

Used in the period of the Tsars of Russia as a cellar for their wine, the Milestii Mici has now become a tourist attraction to visit. It consists of a long path of wineries to explore on board their own service van and guide. You can see thousands of wine barrels containing different types of local wine. In addition to this, you will also explore on foot the tunneled hills dug by the Moldovan on behalf of the Russians for the main purpose of offering constant temperature and humidity for the good conservation of their premium collectible wines (50 meters below the ground). The guide explains the history and detail of the huge underground limestone basement or cave that has an immense network of tunnels littered with big barrels everywhere.

Milestii Mici

There are decade old wine barrels that are covered and decorated with cobwebs but in the halls of the underground station there is a wine tasting area where you will be entertained with the musical accompaniment of accordion and violin. You will have the chance to taste the top 5 wines that are aged, processed and owned by a rich Moldovan family living in the outskirts of Chisinau City as well as a serving of their local specialties. Outside the tunnel you can see two large fountains that throw jets of aged wine, one white and one red, and a complete wine shop which makes the visit a truly extraordinary experience that is definitely worth repeating.


Muzeul National de Etnografie si Istorie Naturala

The museum is very interesting and presents the skeletons of extinct, stuffed animals, and many of these exposures on the culture and life of Moldova. The whole building is divided into a three storey museum. In the underground are the floor expositions of prehistoric animals, all sorts of things brought from the excavations (fossils, skeleton of prehistoric bears, etc.). On the remaining two floors is where ethnographies exposition is located showcasing the exposition of wildlife animals in Moldova and many other interesting things. All the pieces are safely cased in carefully wiped glass in easy to understand markers and plates. The National Museum is a gem of the bygone times.

Muzeul National de Etnografie si Istorie Naturala

It is well maintained, interesting and helps a lot to better understand the country. Discover objects and images from the Iron Age or visit the basement to find the local ways of life of the last century and the wartime concentration camps set up by Russia in Moldova. The simple life and crafts of the people even up to the modern times are all nicely shown here. Another interesting feature is the characteristic wrought iron spiral staircase that is incorporated into its construction. There are documents and evidences that help you better understand the past and present political situation of Moldova.


Catedrala Nasterea Domnului

The Catedrala Nasterea Domnului is one of the major religious buildings in the city center that is located near the Arc de Triomphe. Externally it does not seem but upon entrance the site gets amazing because of the gold that distinguishes the cathedral and gives the place a high solemnity. It is made of Russian classical architecture, with preserved statues and icons that are all golden and gorgeous along with the artistic frescoes on the walls. The only drawback is the prohibition of taking pictures, but it's meant to safeguard and secure the church.

Catedrala Nasterea Domnului

The leaf gilded altar details are of great beauty (many icons and crosses) and the whole cathedral has a yellow appearance with a black dome. It is easily accessible from the park and boulevard of Stefan Cel Mare. One of the impressive parts of the cathedral is the golden Candelabra section filled with lots of white candles. In one of its frescoes in the inner dome depicts Jesus Christ with a golden halo. It is one of the main cathedrals of the city but holds the distinction as the only one church where the side altars are all adorned with gold.


Botanical Garden of The Academy of Modern Sciences in Moldova

The botanical garden that is supported by the Academy of Modern Sciences is a common park with tall trees, two small ponds and lots of playing field for the kids to enjoy. The 100 hectare garden is well kept, elegant, and ideal for those who love nature and rich vegetation. It has a wide variety of plants and flowers especially in the late Spring when the magnolias bloom profusely along with the Sakura and Irises. Inside the park there is a nice cascade of several lakes with waterfowl.

Botanical Garden of the Academy of Modern Sciences in Moldova

There are also a rich collection of coniferous tree species, shrubs and vines. A walk through the alleys, scenic trails and corners of this old botanical garden is an ideal choice for an outdoor recreation activity. The entrance fee is not expensive and it is one of the best parks in Chisinau that offers peaceful walk with nature. It is not so crowded and visitors are free to take pictures around its walking paths and picnic grove areas. It is a jogging area in the early morning and a children’s playground attraction too for the little kids.


Malldova Shopping Mall

The Malldova Shopping Center is a modern and well organized mall where you can find almost all kinds of interest like; food, electronics, clothing, banks, pharmacy, cinema, clothes shop, supermarket, tobacco, and service companies. On the 4th floor, there are a large number of restaurants to suit all palates, nice cafes, local cuisine, fast food, bowling center, and where Wi-Fi is freely provided. There are weekly events that occupy the central square near the fountain.

Malldova Shopping Mall

The huge shopping center in the city of Chisinau is very clean and the services and security of the premises is a really nice place to spend a few hours shopping or sipping a cup of tea. The cinema offers a wide selection of the latest movies and various game rooms/ amusement centers to entertain the whole family and kids. Signature fashion boutiques and international  luxury brands can also be found inside. It stands close to the historical part of the city and within walking distance from the main center of the town. The fountain with water effects at the ground floors is surrounded by bars and a perfect place to unwind and go people watching.


Pushkin Museum

The Pushkin Museum is situated on the edge of downtown Chisinau. In addition to the wooden door there is an inscription in Russian. The poet lived in this house from 1837. In the city itself, he was banished in 1820. After the death of Pushkin the house has been preserved as a museum. During his time in Chisinau Pushkin wrote several works. In the courtyard a guide will welcome you and lead you to the living quarters of Pushkin.

Pushkin Museum

The house had two small rooms; the white house in the courtyard had a square plan and a roof which was greenish, and the main house, which is now a museum. There is a kitchen dresser with plates, spoons and many ornaments. In another room, there are old benches and chairs. In the middle was an old photo of the famous Russian personalities he has worked with. Right outside stands an old shelf with an effigy and bust of Pushkin.


Old Orhei Archaeological Complex

The Old Orhei Archaeological complex located in the Trejubeni region is a pristine place filled with wineries and local food taverns. It's a bit hard to get there and you need to rent a vehicle and enjoy a road trip that is filled with a visit through the wine fields.

Old Orhei Archaeological Complex

A monastery lies on top of a hill and the view from up there is absolutely fantastic because you can see all the old caves. You can use a day of hiking in the area, enjoy a walk along the ridge, and explore the cave temples. A visit to a nearby Moldovan village is a good way to know more about the region and its people.


The Suvorov Monument  - Tiraspol

The Suvorov Monument-Tiraspol

The Suvorov Monument welcomes every visitor to the city of Tiraspol and one of the most photographed attractions in Moldova. The monument stands in honor of the great commander at the center of the city that adorns a square and the nearby theater. It is perfectly located on a hill which adds to its grandeur. At sunset it looks particularly interesting.

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