Things To Do In Chisinau

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Chisinau city is dotted by 23 lakes, countless recreational parks, and preserved wildlife. Chisinau also has one of the most noteworthy extents of natural wonders of any city in Europe. Fruits are grown for the canning industry, and family owned vineyards produce the best-tasting wines. Food processing is a major food industry. Other source of livelihood aside from a progressive tourism industry includes the manufacture of tractors, household appliances, and clothing. Moldova and the capital city only gained independence in 1991. However, the unity of the new nation was threatened when non-Moldovans living in the southern and eastern regions attempted to from separate states. Fighting broke out in 1991, but peace was restored the following year.

Things To Do in Chisinau

When To Go:

The weather in this city is dubbed as continental, which implies that the city encounters humid and warm summers, and chilly winters. In spite of the fact that it can be visited all throughout the year, certain months can be significantly more agreeable than the others.

Summers are exceptionally pleasant, as temperatures are by and large mellow. The most sizzling months of the year are July and August, amid which time the daily peak temperatures will by and large float in the upper 70's and a low 80's. The evening time temperatures amid these months will for the most part drop to the upper 50's and down to the low of 60's. The months of July and August are for the most part the peak months for tourism.

Winters are somewhat cool. The coldest months of the year are January and February, amid which time the day by day high temperatures will reach up to the low of 30's. If you plan to come amidst the cold atmosphere, bring thick jackets and boots. The winter season does not have any chances of downpour but snow does regularly occur.

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Things To Do in Chisinau

Experience these innumerable things to do and interesting places to discover when in the city of Chisinau:


Dendrarium Park

The Dendrarium Park is worthwhile to go during the season of flowers, which are the main attraction. If you go during the winter, forget the beauty of the park. It has a very nice collection of plants, all well maintained, and there is a small lake. Very nice to walk as one and with the family, a small entrance fee excludes all sorts of vagabonds. Be one with nature once you set foot on this symbolic park of Chisinau. There is always something to admire, to sit, to relax or just simply be with your loved one. It is a perfect place for a group holiday; a chance to sunbathe, play volleyball and run with children up to exhaustion.

Dendrarium Park

This park is also a favorite wedding photo shoot location where professionals make natural compositions and beautiful pictures of wedding. It's not too small nor big either but this Central Park has lots of green, where in the center is the church which is very simple on the outside but very nice inside. This is the part where the children go to feed the pigeons!

If you want to spend a day in a park, this would be one of the best options. It is quiet, lovely and clean. It can be easily accessed on foot from the city. It is perfect for walking with children or for couples to go up to a romantic outing.


Stefan cel Mare Park

The Stefan cel Mare Park is an urban park and pride of Chisinau. This park is so central, tidy, with many busts in the history of Moldova and some nice kiosks. The beautiful park is in the heart of the city but it is surprisingly quiet and calm inside. It stands in front of the Arc de Triomphe and the Government Palace.

Stefan cel Mare Park

It's small but well maintained. At the center is home to a beautiful fountain with many jets that is believed to be the finest in the city. There is no admission fee to enjoy its noteworthy features and to enjoy a little time to relax. The statue of Stefan cel Mare is the national symbol and meeting point of the city.


Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

The Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova is one of the interesting parks in the city of Chisinau. The well maintained park is ideal for families with children. It is an ordinary park with two small ponds. It is the best place to wander for lovers of plants and nature. The garden covers more than 100 hectares and maintains a huge variety of plants.

Botanical Gardens of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

The admission fee is affordable and you can truly enjoy a walk in the woods, play with your kids, or hold hands while walking with your partner on its well paved road and shaded areas. It is a good place for relaxation and a great escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily work routine and noise in the city.


Victory Memorial and Eternal Flame

The Victory Memorial and Eternal Flame is the restored memorial in Chisinau that is filled with monuments, very clean, lots of greenery, and an assigned honor guard. It is a very symbolic place dedicated to the victims of the two world wars. All the monuments are still in good condition on this well cared park. It is considered a sacred place with very pretty views of the city. This monument to the fallen is a majestic memorial of victory with a guard and an eternal flame and located near the Armenian (civilian) cemetery. The memorial is also dedicated to the victims of the Transnistrian conflict In 1991.

Victory Memorial and Eternal Flame

The monument to the fallen and unknown Russian and Moldovan can be found on the southern part of the city. It is an expansive area composed of 5 structures meeting toward the tip and placed right at the entrance to immediately capture the attention of the viewer. The struts symbolize guns and the number 5 the war years 1941 to 1945. In the middle is the eternal flame that burns in memory of the fallen. There are two designated soldiers that constantly keep guard of the monument. From this monument runs a circular route, passing sunken plates with the names of the victims. In the background, you will walk through larger than-life war scenes represented by monuments that illustrate the determination and the will to win by the Russian Army over the German Allied Forces. Near the monument there is a mini museum that you can visit to know the other historic details and significance of this attraction in Chisinau.


Catedrala Nasterea Domnului (Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ)

The Catedrala Nasterea Domnului is nicely located the in central part of the city and stands right next to the Stefan Cel Mare Park. It is externally very well renovated that they do not look like a historic church but a museum. Inside it is very impressive. The photography is prohibited or allowed only if you pay a certain fee. It is one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in Chisinau that is worth visiting for its architecture, interiors and history. It is covered in bright with good acoustics. The temple offers a free handkerchief and on Sundays, Greek Orthodox holy masses are held and attended by its faithful devotees. The church also has a wide collection of rich iconostasis and it is all very beautiful and well preserved despite many years of existence.

Catedrala Nasterea Domnului

The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ is beyond the Arch of Victory and the prominent bell tower. If the facade of the building has not changed after the restoration, the dome originally had a different shape. Go inside and get to know the luxurious (all gold) interior decoration (frescoes, lighting, paintings, and murals) that will not leave you indifferent. Its services and inscriptions are all done in the Romanian Language. It is highly recommended to take the services of the resident tour guide to better understand the wealth of artifacts preserved inside this sacred temple.


Muzeul National de Arheologie si Istorie a Moldovei

The Muzeul National de Arheologie si Istorie a Moldovei is a modest looking museum but consists of huge exhibition halls with Orthodox church art, archaeology, wildlife expositions, taxidermy, and preserved rare finds. It has a huge wealth of pieces to show how rich Moldovan’s past and archaeological finds are.  There are markers but unfortunately most of the information are in Moldovan Language and not much explanation in English making the tour partially interesting but still worth visiting because of the diverse collections presented inside the archaeological museum. There is a huge coverage about the birds and a presentation of too many stuffed rare birds. 

Muxeul National de Arheollogie si Istorie a Moldovei

In general it is a nice museum to visit and learn about animal reconstructions in Moldova. A visit is advisable for those who do not know anything about Moldova, as well as those who have no idea of its historic and war-torn past. It gives you a good perspective of the origin of Moldova and downstairs there is an exhibition about the times of the Soviet Union. The core of the museum is made up of sections of archeology and ancient history, Ottoman and medieval times, Soviet Union rule, contemporary history and national treasures. If you're in Chisinau do not forget to visit this museum.


St. Theodor Tiron Convent

The St. Theodor Tiron Convent was named after the Martyr Teodor Tiron. It is an Orthodox monastery that is easily accessible from the city on foot. To reach this convent, you must hail from the Plata Libertatii, the eastern end of the street where Stefan cel Mare is located,. It is about 200 meters apart and you will instantly see the striking monastery complex. The crowds and curious tourists gather here especially on weekends on this much visited monastery that was built in 1858 and renovated in 2002.

St. Theodor Tiron Convent

If you pass through a small side door at the entrance gate, it will lead you into the spacious courtyard flanked with benches and gardens. The steps also lead into the provided with light blue towers monastery church, consisting of porch, nave and altar. The church is rich in precious icons and relics. Impressive are the chants performed during religious services, their voices are subdued but very powerful. At the entrance there is a small monastery shop where you can buy book, gifts, and prayer beads you can bring back home to family and friends.


Museum of the City of Chisinau

The Museum of the City of Chisinau is located in a former water tower which is an important monument of industrial architecture of the XIX century. The Chisinau Water Tower was built by the first chief architect of the city-Russian architect AO Bernardazzi. In 1971, the water tower was converted into a museum of the city which has long been closed, but now resumed operations. The museum  tower still has its  preserved spiral metal staircase and during the process of the recent reconstruction an elevator was added to make every guest comfortable in going from one floor to another.

Museum of the City of Chisinau

The museum has a permanent exhibition of the heritage and history of the city and on the top floor anyone can have an opportunity to visit the temporary exhibition of children's art school, and there is also an outdoor observation deck which offers beautiful views of the city and especially the park and lake Valea Morilor.  This preserved museum is in an excellent location, close to center of the town, and highly recommended to all especially the company of friends or families. However along the large spacious halls it is prohibited to take any pictures. If you plan to visit, it is advisable to call the museum ahead because they sometimes open only on certain times of the day.


Pushkin Museum

The Pushkin Museum is dedicated to the life and times of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin while on his brief stint in Moldova. He left an indelible mark on this town s and the people deiced to construct a separate museum and  dedicate a special place in history and in their hearts for the former Russian author and poet. The best part of visiting this museum is the chance to see the house where Pushkin lived for several months.

Pushkin Museum

Everything remained intact, and gives an impression of how he has left it. There is not a single thing or object that was moved, even his manuscript and unfinished work remains waiting on his table. Be sure to schedule an arranged tour of this museum because it is usually closed on Mondays and Russian holidays.


Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Cultural Center

Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Cultural Center

The Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Cultural Center is a great place where you can learn about the history of the Jewish people and to participate in their various activities, which are many. Aside from a host of things to do in this site, there are numerous organizations for people of different ages all working for a good cause, character,  and self-development. For children there is a children's group. For youth - youth club Khaverim in which the young teens can actively participate. There are various clubs like; dancing, languages courses, fitness and more. The center holds sacred traditions and celebrations of the Jewish people. On Fridays, the traditional Sabbath day is strictly observed during which all the devotees must rest and not work.


Milestii Mici

The Milestii Mici village is located 12 km from the wine cellars in Kishineva area. Mici has recently gained a place in the Guinness Book of Records for having the largest collection of wines in the world. On the territory there is a shop where you can buy wine, which you can also taste ahead in the cellars. There are lots of things to do while inside this family owned vineyard and wine distillery plant.  You will learn so many interesting facts about wine making and at the same time have so much fun while being entertained by a hospitable family. 

To start the delightful journey, you will be lead to two fountains, one with red wine and the other with white. Entrance to the cellar is impressive. The long corridors with racks that are made of bottles of wine are dazzling. It is very entertaining to see all the process happen in one place. The guide explains all the shows jokes and asks tricky questions and  knowingly gives time for photography and discussion of what he saw. And most importantly - there are taste test of the freshly gathered wines. At the end of the tour there is an organized banquet as token of appreciation from its owner to the guests. They serve the best food, elegant silverwares, posh celebration, and live music in a room with a fireplace. It is interesting original and tasty!

Milestii Mici

Chisinau is a city that has preserved all its natural parks into perfection. There is not a boring site and every corner or attractions can stand on its own merits and features and continually amuse guests and eager tourists to discover what the city has to provide regarding  culture, history, entertainment, and faith. Although it can boasts of so many attractions in one place, the city does not appear overwhelming or tiring enough. Every points of interest make the great effort to introduce the young country and city and what it has done and gave up to achieve their long road to independence from the Ottoman and Soviet occupation. 

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