Trip To Moldova

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My vacations in Moldova was probably the very first time I ever stepped foot in a foreign country, let alone a place that is a part of the continent of Europe. According to the information I have gathered, Moldova really has an interesting history. I have been told that the Republic of Moldova gained its freedom in the year 1991, a year that follows the break-up of the Soviet Union. The country of Moldova itself is a small land-locked country that is settled and situated between Romania and Ukraine. I have learned that the national language of this country is a mix of Romanian, Russian and a little bit of French. This is because of the country’s connection to France.  Another thing I have found out from the history of the country Moldova was that during the Soviet era, Moldovans, the term used to call the people who reside there, were all made to use the Russian alphabet for their language. Truly, Moldova has such a complicated history of being dominated and taken over by a foreign country. 

 Trip to Moldova

Another thing I have learned is that Moldova is probably one of the poorest countries in Europe.  Though it is still a thriving country considering it still has its own natural resources which lead them to building a modern economy. In fact, Moldova is very popular for its vineyards and wine-making. Moldova is well known by many people because it was the first country in Eastern Europe to ever complete land privatization. Instead of giving the land back to the original owners, the land in this country was given to people regarding their positions and tenure on the farms. Most of the people who live in this country all received small properties of land, some plants, a small crop land, and a small vineyard. Though Moldova is not a very tourist-popular country, but that doesn’t stop it from attracting tourists and visitors from around the world.

 Trip to Moldova

I and my girlfriend decided to explore what the forgotten country of Moldova has to offer so we first went to visit and tour around the city of Chisinau. The city of Chisinau is the capital of Moldova. Chisinau is a green, cozy and modern town, located in the middle of this beautiful country.  There were just so much fun and exciting things to do here. We both had a great time here when we visited the Chisinau Historical Center. After that we went straight to Main Boulevard of Stefan cel Mare. The city of Chisinau is a truly a beautiful city that has amazing architectural masterpieces ranging from churches to museums to market places.

 Trip to Moldova

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The Chisinau city is also famous for the ‘Cricova and Milestii Mici Wine Cellars’. So without even a single moment of hesitation, me and my girlfriend went straight to visit the place. The ‘Cricova and Milestii Mici Wine Cellars’ is the largest underground wine cellars in the whole of Europe. We also discovered that the wine company of the city and the wine’s collection are all located in these limestone tunnels that form a subversive wine metropolis, and the motor streets are named after the brands of some popular and well known wines. The tour inside the wine cellars was an unbelievable experience for both of us. We took a small car ride to explore the underground wine cellars and were being lead by a friendly and helpful tour guide who told us many interesting stories and information regarding the place.  When our tour to the wine cellar came to a stop we were given the opportunity to taste at least 3 to five collections of wine. We were even lucky enough to be offered lunch. smileywink

 Trip to Moldova

After our adventure in the Cricova and Milestii Mici wine cellars, we decided to check out more wine, because you really can’t have too many wine, by heading off to the Cojusna wine cellar. This particular wine cellar is smaller than the first one we had been in but the place is actually close to that location. The Cojusna wine cellar is found in the village of Cojusna, in the district of Straseni. Unlike the Cricova and Milestii Mici wine cellars which was located underground, the Cojusna wine cellar is established above ground. This particular wine cellar has many collections of wine as well as some delicious mushrooms. The people who work there were very friendly and hospitable and since it is smaller than the Cricova and Milestii Mici wine cellars, the tour in the Cojusna wine cellar cost less.

 Trip to Moldova

After a fun filled day of tasting delicious wine, my girlfriend and I headed off for new adventures after we were all rested and ready to go. We decided to explore Orheiul Vechi. We found out that Orheiul Vechi used to be an ancient settlement located in the left part the Raut River. The place definitely has an interesting history. During the medieval ages, two medieval towns were settled there. The first one was Sher-al-cedid, which occupied almost all the territory of the settlement, and the second one is the ancient Moldavian town or Orhei. For years, many vestiges were discovered from the place. Things such as mosques and mausoleums, and they even found three ancient bath houses. We then moved on to explore Ivancea. Ivancea is a village that can be found on the road to the Orheiul settlements and is located at least 5 km from the main road. The village of Ivancea is found in the heart of Codry forest. We spent the whole day exploring the quaint town, observing how the locals do their work. It was a nice experience knowing their way of operation.

 Trip to Moldova

We then decided to visit the Capriana Monastery. I had read about the place before I even thought of going to the country and I knew that the Capriana Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the country of Moldova. The Capriana Monastery is situated in the heart of the natural reservation Codru. Fantastic views of the whole of the city can be seen from the top most parts of the Monastery building. The Capriana Monastery building is not just a beautiful architectural masterpiece, but it also has a very interesting and fascinating story behind it. The legend circling the Capriana Monastery is certainly something that got our attraction and everybody who was on the tour with us. One of the legends we heard about the Capriana Monastery was the legend where King Stefan cel Mare si Sfint, a king that was once considered to be the greatest in all of Moldova, was hunting deer in the forest where the Monastery now stands. When the king accidentally hit an unfortunate person, his perception changed and he decided to quit the life of being a hunter and went off to build the monastery instead.

 Trip to Moldova

To make our experience in Moldova even more exciting, we then headed off to the Vadul lui Voda. Vadul lui Voda is a beach resort, open to general public, located near the river of Moldova. The resort is a great place to hang out and have fun. We had a great time exploring the beach. And with lots of fast food restaurants and bars, this beach is nothing less than a paradise for party freaks.

 Though Moldova may not that much at a first glance, you should still give it a chance because the place has got a lot of great things to offer. Our perception towards the country of Moldova has certainly changed with our visit to the amazing country…


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