Things To Do In Podgorica

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Podgorica is an average little city with lush vegetation, superb museum and art displays, and lively pubs. The capital and the biggest city of Montenegro is intersected by the confluence of two prominent streams of the country. The wide Moraca River faces the economic and financial district of Montenegro, while the diminutive Ribnica River. West of the expansive Morača is the thing that passes for the business region. The more diminutive Ribnica River separates the eastern part in two. Along the southern side is the central part of Podgorica – Stara Varos.

Things To Do in Podgorica

When To Go:

To enjoy a good tour of Podgorica book your travel plans in the middle of April and September. The city’s atmosphere comprehensively takes after two types; the shoreline territories has a distinct Mediterranean climate with humid summers and temperatures that consistently drift between the mid- to upper thirties.

The beaches are an average spot to be all throughout the year yet it can get uncomfortably congested in July and August, when the humidity rises and the huge throng of people flock to the coastal areas. Aside from being the busiest and peak season of the year, the hotel rates during the summer is most extravagant amid this period, with rates practically multiplying in a few spots. Henceforth, June and September are the ideal months for a visit, when the climate is still dependably hot and there's discounted rates on lodgings and flight bookings.

Things To Do in Podgorica

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When embarking on a holiday to the city of Podgorica, be sure to check out these top sites and the variety of things to do in the capital of Montenegro:


Moraca River

The Moraca River is not far from the city of Podgorica. You can take a taxi from the city center at the price of 4 Euros and no more. Taxi prices in Podgorica is encouraging. The waterfall is rather wide, beautiful and swift, especially during floods. It is a fascinating spectacle and a great place to visit with kids. You can enjoy the trail to the great canyon to get a closer view and see the river that passes in meters and feet below you. There is a Greek Orthodox monastery that you can visit along the trail to get to this part of the river.

However, if you are landing at the nearby airport an orientation about the attractions to see in their tourist information center. The sites to see are not much really apart from the center (where work is ongoing for the beautification and construction of new hotels), take a walk in the pedestrian zone and come to the bridge over the River Moraca. Dine in one of the taverns along the way and enjoy a Pranzetto meat on the grill and a local beer! This place is a must for everyone who visits the city of Podgorica.

Moraca River

It is located only 5-6 km. from the city, and about 1.5-2 km. to the airport near the town of Tuzi. First you go through the vineyards on the plains. Somewhere a little apart in the ravine runs the river called the Cem River. Upon arrival at the place you pass through very picturesque landscapes located on the banks of the same river plains. But if you go further, you will arrive in a lowland river with a roar that rushes into the canyon with a surge height of five-story building. Surprisingly - to say the least. Montenegrins affectionately call this place "Niagarka". If you’re physically able, you can go down over the rocks. Water and air have done them a great number of wells. By the way, to see this beauty in the middle of summer is impossible since shallow river and the surge of the water hardly goes into the rocks. Do not forget your camera and make great pictures.


Vladimir Vysotsky Monument

The Vladimir Vysotsky Monument is located next to the Millennium Bridge. It was established in October 30, 2004. The monument is a figure of Vladimir Vysotsky on a small pedestal on which are stamped the words of the song in two languages (Serbian and Russian). It appears that Vladimir Vysotsky was frequently in Montenegro, where he his first wife Marina Vlady (a renowned French actress) and even wrote poems about her. The monument is near the banks of the river Moraca.  This is a very good place for the monument because it is far from the busy city streets and placed more on a hill near the river. 

Vladimir Vysotsky Monument

From this vantage point, you can enjoy a pleasant and quiet stroll, see the entire city, get to Moscow bridge, and take great photos. Vladimir Vysotsky came here twice, once in 1974 for the shooting of a Soviet-Yugoslav film; and the second time in 1975. The height of artistic composition comprising a pedestal and a bronze bust of the famous singer, actor and poet, is five meters. Inauguration of the monument took place in 2004 in the presence of the Mayor Miomir Mugosa and representatives of the Moscow authorities.


St. George Church (Crkva Svetog Dorda)

The St. George Church (Crkva Svetog Dorda) is one of the religious temples in Podgorica that is worth a visit. You can see this old church out of curiosity and how it was preserved after the war in 194- 1945. There is a solemn portion here where you can light a candle for health and peace. The church still works and gives religious services and masses of obligation every Sunday. Located right across it is a very old cemetery and a lovely park named Gorica.

St. George Church

You can combine a visit to see all these attractions right after another. The religious order for this church is Greek Orthodox and it is quite an imposing church that stands by its size and immediately noticeable because of its all white with gray roofs and domes. It is worth seeing when in Podgorica City.


Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja

The Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja is a cathedral that stands alone in a vacant lot, most likely around the cemetery and the brand new high-rise buildings nearby. A visit to this cathedral stirs all kind of spiritual emotion and inspiration. The temple is in a state of reconstruction and most of the work has already been done even if the facade looks absolutely abysmal because of the steel ledges attached to it. It is still worth visiting and soon enough the cathedral will be back in all its glory.  

Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja

The Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja is a very beautiful place with breathtaking frescoes and great looking sunset. The intricate details of the railing and chandeliers, sacred murals, icons, mosaics and carved decoration makes this temple truly unique throughout the Orthodox world.

Aside from being the biggest temple in Montenegro, this church is easy to reach (within five minutes away) from the city center. It is a brand new Orthodox church that is beautiful on the outside and inside. Don’t miss it and dress modestly when you enter this sacred temple in Podgorica.


Millennium Bridge

The Millennium  Bridge in Podgorica is also called "Moscow" Bridge because its Russian architects created it during the Russian-Yugoslav friendship. It is the largest bridge in Podgorica, and before this important site and slightly to the left near the river is a monument to Russian poet and bard Vladimir Wysocki, where people constantly come and bring flowers. The bridge is located near the town center, so you can always choose a place to visit. You can choose to visit this on the way to the city's cathedral. The bridge itself seemed a little, but the river below it flows in a deep gorge - that together creates a big impression.  It is quite surprising that it is near a residential area and the kids play on the football field next to the cliff at the bridge.

Millennium Bridge

The city was restored again after the war with Nazis of Germany, and the Mediterranean flavor here almost did not survive. There are lots of things to do around this reconstructed city like; dine in one of the restaurants, visit the city's main square, and look at the people walking and the youth hanging out at the premises of this historic bridge. In the morning it is fairly pleasant, and gives the impression that all the people in Podgorica play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. Most of the time you can see people just walking around the streets in good tracksuits and sneakers, talking, sitting on the terrace in the outdoor cafes, cycling or playing ball in the open fields. It’s quite a sight and a pleasant experience to engage in some physical activity with the locals of the city here in Podgorica.


Bukumirsko Jezero (Bukumirsko Lake)

Bukumirsko Jezero maybe a bit far from the heart of the city but it is worth all the time and effort to see all its beauty. The lake or the Bukumirsko Lake is brimming with legends and old times. It is situated in a quiet region of the city. Visit this majestic looking lake if you have enough time. It is near the boundaries of Montenegro and Albania. It is ideal for travelers who likes taking the road trip adventure on the countryside on board a 4x4 vehicle.

Bukumirsko Jezero

Although it is a bit challenging, the best reward is to arrive and admire the beauty of the lake. It is advisable to tour the lake in the morning, it looks more magical watching the sunrise and the entire are while there are still no crowds. You can spend a day to just drive around, cruise and tour the lake and admire its rich flora and fauna and wild nature of Montenegro.


Ribnica Bridge (Most na Ribnici)

The Ribnica Bridge (Most na Ribnici) is an old Turkish bridge near the fortress.  It is located in the old town on the spot where the river empties into the Ribnica Morace (Moraca River). Nearby there is a cafe with a decent view. It is one of the most excellent places in Podgorica that is hard to miss. It is right in the heart of the city and it is here where you can see more clearly the confluence of the two prominent rivers of the city.

Ribnica Bridge

This area is classified as a cultural and historic place in the capital of Montenegro.  Visit the balcony of the Skaline (a local beach pub). From this pub you will have a great view of the river. Here you can delight in your morning espresso while admiring nature, swim in the stream throughout the day and end your day with a lively musical show and concert at night.


Centre of Contemporary Art

The Centre of Contemporary Art is a nice little museum in a beautiful park. The museum is small, but just like the little Montenegro, it has a lot to offer. It has a very interesting exhibition of various young Montenegrin artists and once a month, an artist is given a chance to have an exhibition of their latest work and contemporary art collections.

Centre of Contemporary Art

The exhibition here are all well marked and varied, albeit small. The entrance admission is free and along with it comes a high quality catalog of the exhibition. The schedule of featured artist for every month can be seen on their given flyers outside the building. The park surrounding the modern art museum is also exciting and worth a visit, as well as the historic building on which the museum is located. On the edge of the park one can see the American Embassy.  


Kuce Rakica

Kuce Rakica

The Kuce Rakica is a famous restaurant situated next to a mountain with caves and water on the bank of a stream that forms a pond with a spectacular waterfall. The place is quaint and rustic and has an outdoor garden by the lake. It serves typical Montenegrin and every foreigner who enter its doors. Worthy of note is the meat cooked in the ashes. At night there is an absolute lack of lighting that makes it particularly conducive for a romantic dinner. It is a good way to enjoy the pleasant view of the rivers of Podgorica. The staff is very hospitable and friendly and the local dishes are fairly priced and remarkable.


Trg Republike (Republic Square)

The Trg Republike (Republic Square) is the fundamental focal shopping paradise of downtown Podgorica. But don't let that depiction confound you - this is no Harrod’s or Bloomingdale’s. Surely, there are a couple of top of the line stores in the area, however generally it is nothing extraordinary.

Trg Republike

It was as of late remodeled and much has yet to be seen once the western part of the shopping complex gets fully accessible to the shopping public. By far, the sections opened already show great promise of convenience and security, the fountain alone is already impressive and perfectly place in the center of the shopping square.


Sahat Kula (Clock Tower)

The Sahat Kula (Clock Tower) is a bit odd on the grounds that it is basically an ancient concrete structure encompassed by Socialist themed row of apartments and for rent lodging homes. There are a few shops and stores around it, yet by and large this is not developed as an old world heritage site. It is an odd kind of clock tower, as it is square and does not have all the earmarks of being linked  with any other part of history in Podgorica.

Sahat Kula

On the whole, Sahat Kula is most astounding in that, in the event that you are coming to Podgorica on board a train or transport bus and need to look around the city by walking, it is the first memorable landmark that you will discover.


Turkish Bathhouse (Tursko Kupatilo)

Turkish Bathhouse

The Turkish Bathhouse or the Tursko Kupatilo is an old Turkish shower and massage complex that is situated in the city center and the best place to go if you need to feel relaxed or rejuvenated while in Podgorica. It is housed in Podgorica's biggest and longest staying structure that can be discovered in front of the Ribnica River(along the eastern side).   It was tragically trimmed down by city administrators who clearly demanded building an extension after the lattice structure of the city, regardless of the fact that it implied destroying this building. Roofless, it is currently stuck underneath the Novi Most scaffold, and has been changed into a fairly eminent social hall.


The Bomb [Bomba]

The Bomb is an actual memorial that is dedicated to the hapless victims of the tragic bombing of the city during World War 1 and 2.  The corresponding marker was put in the open yard of this building in 1994 and further states that; it remembers the 4,100 nationals slaughtered amid the 70 Allied bombarding attacks somewhere around 1943 and 1945, and in addition the death of more innocents of the First World War. Designer Basil Knežević outlined the whole landmark comprising of a triangular steel image holding up a vast dark bomb and  a bronze plaque.


After everything that is said about the city in history and guidebooks; Podgorica is probably the most criticized capital city in Southeastern Europe.  Being a small country, it is oftentimes compared to its neighboring countries that are huge and progressive. It should be changed and focus must be centered on what the city has to offer and rather than what it cannot deliver. With most structures undergoing rehabilitation and remodeling efforts initiated by the city to help promote the antiquity, tourism, historical importance, and beauty of their country, the future looks bright for Podgorica City. 

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