Agadir - Tourists' City Of Fun

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Feel the vibe when you visit Agadir, a beach resort that is sprawled with a refreshing sense of freedom and space.  This Moroccan city offers tourists sunny days all through the year with pubs, sand, pizza and a magnificent water world.  There is no better place to embrace fun and exciting activities than Agadir. It is centrally located with malls, transport systems and basic facilities that would give a tourist an easy movement around the beautiful places in the city. Agadir has become a haven of relaxation and rest that is built in a destination that is bordered around wonderful bays that the world can boast of.  This is a dream home for tourists throughout the year and a first class beach resort that would blow your mind. This is the more reason why you may want you to start with a visit to the Agadir Beach.  This beach is situated between the charming azure of the water and the fragrant green of Eucalyptus.


Take a stroll down the Avenue des FAR, this is Agadir’s liveliest neighbourhood with lots of local craft malls, restaurants and hotels. There is the Boulevard Hassan II, which has boutiques, shops and lots of attractive things for you to see. The Corniche in Agadir is very attractive and a wonderful place for you to be around when you take a walk there.

Do you care about buying some great things at an affordable rate while in Agadir? Its Central market has everything that you can think of getting from Morocco. You can visit the Port of Agadir where you can get canned goods, citrus fruits and lots more.


The Agadir Museum is devoted to the tradition and arts of the Saharan regions and Souss valley. There are collections of artifacts housed here. The valley of birds cannot stop you from gawking at the wonders of earth. This resplendent park is well taken care of and you would learn a lot about birds.

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A little entertainment can be grabbed at the Agadir Theatre. This is asemi-circular amphitheatre which is reminiscent of  the ancient Roman theatres.

 Agadir tourism

Agadir – Al Massira Airport (AGA)


Agadir – Al Massira Airport is an international airport that serves Agadir. The airport had served 1,502,094 passengers in 2007.  It has new flights to Ireland and United Kingdom.  In 2008, it handled 12,618 commercial movement,1,455,194 passengers and 1,165.8 freight (tons).

In Agadir, the exiting is an unending one which is the reason why hotels have become something you should think of when you want to relax. There are different classes of hotels here which ranges from the budget hotels and the luxury hotels where you are treated to some expensive services.

From Agadir – Al Massira Airport, you can make use of numerous car rental services that ranges from the sedan vehicles to the Limo services that can help you move around the city..


The best time for you to visit Agadir is Spring; April and May and during Fall; September and October.  


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