Marrakech – 5 Views Essential In The Medina

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In your tourist trip to Marrakech in Morocco, when visiting the old Medina is best “lost” between the cluster of streets in order to discover its beautiful places and experience the great atmosphere there all day.

However, in order to maximize the visit from the tourism point of view and not miss the most prominent corners, you should know what are the essential visits within the walls of the Medina of Marrakech.

Then, from my point of view, I show you 5 essential visits to the Medina of Marrakech.

Jemaa El Fna in Marrakech in Morocco:

1 .- Jemaa El Fna and the Koutoubia Mosque Minaret:

This large square divided into two areas is the great center of life in Marrakech. With completely different environments during the day and night, your visit to Marrakech must be marked by several visits to the Jemaa El Fna.

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Among its many attractions, from seeing the snake charmers to eat cheap in the bars at night every day are installed in the plaza. Also, from the Place Jemaa El Fna can see the minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque, the largest in Marrakech and is the major hub of the city.


2 .- souks of the Medina:

From the Plaza Jemaa El Fna extend northward the souks, a large conglomerate of covered alleys where grouped into different areas and offices, are the most varied shops where it is impossible not to fall to the temptation to buy, albeit with the typical bargaining process.

3 .- Madrasa Ben Youseff:

Just at the northern edge of the souks in the Medina of Marrakesh, you find the Madrasa Ben Youseff, an ancient XVI century Koranic school, from the architectural point of view, one of the most beautiful Moroccan city.

In your visit to the Madrasa Ben Youseff you can enjoy a sublime decor, mixing marble, stucco, cedar wood and tiles. Horseshoe arch decoration in the Bahia Palace of Marrakech in Morocco.

4 .-  Bahia Palace:

South of the Medina of Marrakech, just outside the fortified area north of the Kasba, find the Bahia Palace, a building that is a true masterpiece of Moroccan architecture.

Built in the late nineteenth century, the Bahia Palace of Marrakech, lies on one floor with a maze of rooms and patios (has more than 150 rooms, although only a fraction visit …) where you can discover beautiful corners architectural .

5 .- Saadi Tombs :

And within the walls of the Casbah, behind the mosque, you should not miss the Tombs Saadi. This is a Saadi dynasty mausoleum, built between the XVI and XVII, which was hidden for a long time until it was rediscovered in 1904.

In a small, walled garden complex there are several tombs, but it will be worth queuing to see the stunning Hall of Twelve Columns, the most architecturally beautiful corner of the Tombs Saadi and possibly around Marrakech.

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