Places To See In Windhoek

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Windhoek is a well groomed and modern capital city in Namibia, a home away from home where you can lounge around the Zoo Park during lunch hour, walk through the streets and see taxis honks at their potential passengers and the impression that you get from Windhoek is that of a Western vibrant city even though you are in Africa. Windhoek is walk-able because it is not a large city, friendly to pedestrians, hassle free and peaceful city.


Your Trip

Windhoek got this charm that blends the African and the European cultures together, and offers everyone the amenities that are found in the developed countries.  A trip to Katukura which was once  ramshackle that is situated on the city’s outskirts which have become a destination that would give you that sense of the lifestyle of the people of Windhoek.

Walvis Bay is located where you would some of the world’s extreme landscapes, it is around the oldest desert on earth which is the Namib Desert and on its other side lies the lagoon and harbor that flows from the Atlantic Ocean.  You can visit the Namib Desert is often referred to as the ‘The Living Desert’, this is because they are lots of different species that are found here.  There are water related activities in Walvis Bay that you can get involved in like the shark angling, boat angling  and shore angling. You can make experience the photographic boat cruises, the wind surfing, sea kayaking and kite surfing . Every year, there is there is competition of speed kite and wind surfing that attracts international participators.

The legendary dune driving tours into the city’s dunes, the dune boarding, dune skilling and dune hang gliding are activities that are unforgettable. The beach resort Swakopmund that was founded in 1892 is an attraction center, where you can find sand dunes and extreme sports on the dunes.

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There are lots of National Parks that you can visit like the Etosha Pan, the Skeleton Coast, Namin-Naukluft, Ai-Ais Hot Springs, Waterberg Plateau Park and Ai-Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park with Fish River Canyon.

Windhoek tourism

Your Movements

Hosea Kutako International Airport is the country’s international airport that is situated 45km East of Windhoek, it has international connections and named after one of the country’s hero, Hosea Kutako. The airport serves 18 direct scheduled flights everyday between it and the OR Tambo International Airport. In 2007, it handled 672,582 passengers and in 2009, 680,000 passengers were flown from this airport.

Windhoek surprises visitors with the neat and cleanliness of the city, offering banks, gyms, museums, health facilities and tourist centers. This is the reason a lot of tourists prefer the city when they visit Namibia, there are lots of hotels that have been built to give guests a feel of affluence and comfort at an affordable rate.

Windhoek has numerous car rental services to make your transport simple and without hassle.

The entire month in Windhoek is pleasant but the best time to visit the city is May to October. This is when there is lesser rainfall, lower levels of humidity and cool climate. This is the best time for various activities and festivals. Tourists are seen more during these months in the city for their holidays.








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