Explore Mini Holiday In Nepal

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Explore Mini Holiday in Nepal; you can set programs because there are many kinds of trekking, tour and other activities. There are like Ghorepani trek, Royal trek Everest mini trek, Ghandruk trek and many more others as explore mini holiday. It is depends on your choice that what kinds of activities you want. This is why, Glorious Himalaya offers as below itinerary as your explore mini holiday. If you want other routes then we can make you mini holiday itineraries as your time frame.

Swoyambhunath is one of the Buddhist holy temples in Nepal. It is situated on small hill. This was an Island as a legendary of Nepal. Kathmandu valley was a lake. It is also one of the view point of Kathmandu valleys. It is known as a monkey temple.

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Kathmanduis the capital of Nepal. Which is located little center eastern Nepal. Kathmandu Darbar Square,the meaning of Darbar is the Palace. Darbar Square located center of the Kathmandu valley, where are various temples around.
Pashupatinath is the most holy and big temple of the Hindu religion. Especially, it is celebrated occasionally of ShivaRatri {the birthday of Shiva}. Around the Pashupatinat numerous temples as well holy river beside the Pashupati temple. This river called Bagmati river. It has believed sentinel spirit and most holy of Shiva shrines for the Hindu. In addition, beside the river, you can see burning the dead body of human.

Bouddhanath is the religious center of Buddhist. At Bouddhnath, you can see the largest Stupa of the world. This Stupa is white painted and colorful Tibetan prayer flags surrounding. There are many monasteries and Tibetan artifacts.

The mountain flight, one of the most attractions is the Mountain View for visitors and who has limit time. It means, for those people who would love to trek and mountaineering activities but not enough time somehow. Airplane flies above the clouds height of 25000 feet, over glaciers, gorges, lakes, and rivers as well as waterfall.

Chandragiri day trekking starts about 1650 meter above sea level. This one day trek takes approximately seven hours. At first three hour lead steeply ascend to Chhap Bhanjyang with the elevation 2275 meters above sea level, where you encounter with a local tea shop. During this climbing period you will get already picturesque snow covered scenery range above Kathmandu valley. And about quarter to hour lead to eastern south for Chandragiri hill view point. This hill is connected with the Buddhism religious. The height of Chandragiri hill is 2475m. Hattiban Resort offers spectacular views of the Kathmandu valley and glorious Himalayas beyond. By the way, the both Hotel Outlook INN and Hattiban Resort provide you sunrise view as well.

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Patan Darbar Square is one of the prehistoric palace as well as Kathmandu and Bhaktapur Darbar Square. The numerous temples are seen Newari {original inhabitant of Kathmandu valley} designed.  At Patan, The Lord Krishan’s temple is seen Shikhara style architecture in Nepal. It is only one temple, which is made by fully stone and 21 spires. This is made on 17th century.
Bhaktapure Darbar Square is much larger, more spacious than Kathmandu and Patan, and much less crowded as well. The main entrance gate is made by gold, which is most attraction visual. Bhaktapur Darbar has fifty-five windows. It is known as 55 windows palace.

Trip Highlights
  • Mountain Flight with a massive mountain view.
  • Visit UNESCO world heritage sites inside Kathmandu Valley
  • Newari Culture
  • Nepali art and architecture

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