Train Ticket From Kathmandu To Jhansi

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Kathmandu's Garden of Dreams is a small piece of tranquillity in the heart of the bustling city. It has funny and not shy chipmunks, excellent cafe with a wonderful bartender and you can lie down on the mats and relax; definitely a very nice place for a brief respite.

Train Ticket From Kathmandu To Jhansi


The Jhansi Fort is actually a rather small fort. The building inside is not very old and the whole fort is rather young. The evening Sound and Light Show highlights the struggles of the resistance fighter Rani Laxmibai; an important piece of history in India.

Here are the available modes of transport from Kathmandu to Jhansi.

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Train Ticket From Kathmandu To Jhansi

Travelling by train from Kathmandu to Jhansi is made possible via Indian Railways (Line Satyagrah Express). There are two train rides you need to complete to reach Jhansi from Kathmandu. First, take the Indian Railways train from the Raxual Junction (RXL) that is bound to Gorakhpur Junction (GKP). From here, you can take another Indian Railways train that is bound to Jhansi Junction (JHS). The entire train journey takes 18 hours and ten minutes. The railway transport fare ranges from US$41 to US$56. If you need to get the latest schedules and avail of the latest discounts on fare and accommodation, visit this site:

Train Ticket From Kathmandu To Jhansi

Bus Ticket From Kathmandu To Jhansi

There is no bus transport service that covers the Kathmandu to Jhansi route. However, a practical option is to drive from Kathmandu to Jhansi; the travel time is 13 hours and 55 minutes.

Plane Ticket From Kathmandu To Jhansi

There are six non-stop commercial flights that cover this route. The journey is divided into two transport service; air and railway travel. First, take the one hour and 45 minutes  commercial flight from Kathmandu to New Delhi (the one way ticket ranges from US$70 to US$140). From the airport, take the five hour train ride from New Delhi Junction (NDLS) (the fare ranges from US$14 to US$19) that is bound to the city of Jhansi. To get the list of airlines, check:

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