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The Netherlands travelers usually want to see Amsterdam’s famous red-light district but they surprise to discover the many other folded activities it offers. Visit Hoge Veluwe National Park and check out striking works of Holland’s own Vincent Van ...Gogh, bike through the Randstad region to see the vivid bulb fields, and when the canals freeze over you can lace up your skates and go for a slither. Home of the Dutch, this compactly populated land below sea level is a tremendous place to visit.

Generally known for its windmills, cheese and tulips, the little monarchy of the Netherlands has really a lot offer and attract tourists thanks to its relaxed life-style and comfortable, involving atmosphere. As a natural country, The Netherlands is the right land for bike – lovers! Public means of transport offer a very good service, not to forget the tremendously good opportunities offered by both trains and buses in the whole country!

Amsterdam - Netherlands

Capital is Amsterdam, one of the most charming and delightful cities in the world, on the freshwater of IJsselmeer and surrounded by four notorious canals, has a lot to offer: beautiful 17th architecture, cosy pubs, friendly people, amazing vibrant parks, where at times it is possible to enjoy an open air concert or simply sit and have a drink, why not a beer!

Valkenburg - Netherlands

Valkenburg, a small town in the province of Limburg, is located in Netherlands. The city also known as ‘Valkenburg aan de Geul’ is one of the most important locations in the south of Netherlands. With a population of around 17,000 residents, Valkenburg is the ideal tourist destination for all.

Valkenburg has a nautical weather, characterized by the three seasons of summer, rainy and winter. Summer is not too hot and winter is fairly cold. The best time to visit Valkenburg is from May to October. 

Valkenburg town is the main centre of tourism in Netherlands. The castle skeleton located atop a hill serve as a powerful reminder of the siege by King-Stadtholder Willem III. Tourism is one of the major earning sectors of Valkenburg. Agriculture is also widely experienced.

Rotterdam - Netherlands

    Rotterdam is situated on the Maas River, and from its genesis as a small fishing village, grew to become the largest port in the world, a position it held until 2004. It is still the largest port in Europe, serving many international import and export companies through a canal that was created between the Maas River and the North Sea in 1872. During its reconstruction, Rotterdam became home to many new forms of avant-guard architecture, including the cube houses for which it is most famous. In recent years, development of Rotterdam and of nearby centers such as Amsterdam and The Hague has led to an almost total urbanisation of the region. This area is sometimes considered one single metropolis, known as Randstad.

Maastricht - Netherlands

Maastricht, capital of the province of Limburg, is situated on the Meuse River south of the Netherlands, between Belgium and Germany, and takes its name from a Roman Bridge built to cross the river.

Maastricht became part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1815, remaining loyal to the Dutch king even when other southern provinces sought independence. Maastricht was the first Dutch city to be enlightened by allied troops in World War II. The city has been an important meeting point for European nations ever since, and in 1992, was host to the signing of the Maastricht treaty, which led to the creation of the European Union.

The Hague - Netherlands

It is located on the eastern coast of Netherlands, is the capital of the province of South Holland. This city of approximately 474,000 populations serves as the royal residence and an vital administrative centre for the country. The Hague has a manifestly different character than the other larger cities of Netherlands. The average temperature during the days in summer is 20°C, with frequent light showers. During winter, the temperatures do rarely touch the chilly point. From a very early stage in its history, The Hague served as an administrative centre for the rulers of the region. It was one of the few medieval cities in Europe not to be fortified, which turned out to be catastrophic during wars in the region.

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Hague is in the centre of the Haaglanden conurbation and lies at the southwest corner of the larger Randstad

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