Amsterdam's Hippest, Funkiest And Quirkiest Places

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Amsterdam is one of places that tourists would love to visit. Sometimes, it can be monotony to spend time in luxury hotels each time you visit a particular place. Why not try the hippest, quirkiest and funkiest places especially in Amsterdam?  From the boutique hotels and designer bolt-holes to the art themed B & B with that hip twist, you can enjoy your stay in the city and still find time to experience the thriving cultural scene in the city.

 There are so many posh and exotic hotels where you can have an amazing time while in Amsterdam. There are colorful and full of characters.  The charm of the city’s 17th century architecture is seen flanked around some of these places.

Stout Co

Stout Co

 Stout Co is perfectly designed to suit your taste, it was one an 18th century brewery called the Crowned Falcon that has become a posh B & B. It has individually designed rooms, spacious, got a lot of original artworks and the private entrance that is seen from the rood terrace at the back is cool. The front of your room has a great view of the beautiful brewery apartments that have been recently renovated across the street. Your room is like a studio, where you have a kitchenette, seating area where you can take organic tea, and bathroom. This is one of the places you would enjoy staying while you are in Amsterdam.

Maison Rika

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Maison Rika

You have the Maison Rika that is a blend of a gallery space and guesthouse. Maison Rika has monochrome rooms that are decked out with this mixture of vintage and contemporary furniture that makes fashion sense.  You can come here with your partner and enjoy a rare moment that money cannot buy. The comfort is a bit of exotic.

art’otel Amsterdam

art’otel Amsterdam

 art'otel Amsterdam is mind-blowing with its 24 art rooms devoted to the designs that got striking contemporary interiors. In all, it has 107 rooms. It boasts of the original art by Atelier Van Lieshout, Elemis products and  views of the Central Station. You are locked down with beautiful art works and have the opportunity of exploring the city with ease.

Room Mate Aitana

Room Mate Aitana

 Room Mate Aitana is a contemporary design hotel that takes after the Spanish style.  It is on a new artificial island in the heart of Amsterdam, which is  a short walk from Dam Square. You would love the modern glass fronted structure that has thematic rooms with free WiFi.

Amsterdam still have world class hotels  that would give you that luxury you want. Why spend all your days being pampered when you have exotic hotels that are cheaper and even better in their services? These hotels are designed to give you another perspective about accommodation in Amsterdam. You would always remember the experience long after you have left Amsterdam. To locate any of these hotels is simple and as we have said before now, the cost is affordable. The next time that you are in Amsterdam, you may want to have a time out in any of these places.


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