Amsterdam's Most Fascinating - Red Light District

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Amsterdam Red Light District Tour

Red Light District is not new to anyone who is traveling to Amsterdam. As a matter of fact, everyone wishes to visit this place on the first hand right after they land at the Schiphol Airport. The place is famous by the name of De Wallen. It is one of the eight best red-light districts in the world. It is safe, clean and huge. This European capital is famous for one more reason and that is Marijuana. Both smoking weed and prostitution are legal in Amsterdam. All thanks to the government's relaxed laws.

Magnificent? Isn't it? Of course, it is! This, being my first trip to Amsterdam I was on cloud nine. Finally, it was time to witness what all I had heard in the past few years. The best and safest way to explore De Wallen is through Amsterdam Red light district Tour. It was almost one and a half hour walking trip with a professional guide. The visit to hidden places, know-how about its secrets and an introduction to the sex industry were included.

Our tour's main highlights were:

Visit the RLD's churches and architecture.

Know the criteria in which the prostitutes operate.

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Unfold the hidden secrets of the Red Light District in Amsterdam with a skilled guide.

Our tour started from the Dam Square, which is a 5-minute walk from the Red Light District in Amsterdam. The area is a house to many coffee shops, churches, canals, sex shops, condom shop, video cabins, Casa Rocco, peep shows, sex museum and banana bar. We got to see and admire all of them in this span of time. Our guide spoke a fluent English and was at his humorous best. He described everything very patiently. While coming back, I got to sip a hot cup of coffee, which was aromatic and mind blowing.

It was an amazing visit to one of the most important parts of the city. The sex workers dressed in minimalist clothing, showcasing them in windows from ceiling to floor, summoning the passers-by for rendering their services. Since it is a tourist area as well, so there were a lot of pedestrians walking through the streets of Red light district Amsterdam. There was one more fascinating thing in this area and that was the bronze statue at the entrance of the RLD commemorating its sex workers. Why fascinating? Confused? Don't be. Amsterdam is the first and the only place to have this statue stood tall named as Belle. It gives a message that everyone should respect the sex workers all around the globe.

It was a delight to see RLD of Amsterdam and now I wanted to explore more about the cosmopolitan city. Amsterdam is a beautiful place and is best explored with the Amsterdam Tourist's guide. Since I had heard about its rich art collection I wanted to see the art museums as well. Our guide took us to the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. The Van Gogh museum is the world's largest collection of Van Gogh's works and Rijksmuseum is a house of European masterpieces. In between both of these art houses there stood the I Amsterdam sign. A place to have a picture perfect moment. It was very crowded when we reached there so couldn't take a clearer picture, but the colors of the sign were eye-catchy and soothing at the same time. So we spent some time over there and got back to our hotel. It was great to see the museums with the help of a local. The two tourist guides that I came across were learned, humble, and down to earth people. They were also at their wittiest best.

There are various tours conducted by many of the different hosts. The one with whom I went for a tour also hosted an Amsterdam free city Tour, Anne Frank Tour, Private Tour, Winter Walk, and Red Light District Tour. One of them was free and others were priced fairly from 11 to 22 Euros. The Amsterdam tour guides were the warm persons. It was overwhelming to meet people of all new origins, see buildings that are artistically built, centuries-old churches and best of all- the bicycles whizzing all around in the city.

What is stopping you now? Plan your next trip to Amsterdam immediately. I assure you, to have the best of your time just like I had.

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