Amsterdam To Brussels By Bus

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Amsterdam is famous for the impressive number of cyclists that populate it. One of the meeting points of the tour is in front of the Tourist Information at the train station the other is on the Dam; the ride takes about 2-3 hours and passes in the most characteristic parts of the city.

Amsterdam To Brussels by Bus


The Grand Place in Brussels is a breathtaking place by day and especially at night. It has exceptional buildings, nice bars and restaurants and a cosmopolitan appeal. This attraction summarizes Brussels overall atmosphere in one place.

Here are the available modes of transport from Amsterdam to Brussels.

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Amsterdam To Brussels By Bus

The travel distance between Amsterdam to Brussels is 215 kms. The estimated travel time is 3 hours and the duration of the bus routes are offered with a day frequency on a weekly basis. The first bus service (iDBUS) route leaves at exactly 06:55 AM and the last departs at 15:05 PM. The lowest bus or coach service fare is offered at € 19.00 and to know more about the fares and exact bus schedule, visit:

Amsterdam To Brussels by Bus

However, if you prefer to travel by your own car or join a car pool, the travel time is estimated at 2 hour and 20 minutes.

Amsterdam To Brussels By Train

From the Randstad Holland Terminal in Amsterdam, you can reach Brussels in one hour and 49 minutes via train. It is fast and comfortable with Thalys or with the universal Intercity train administration. Thalys tickets must be obtained three months in advance (for cheaper rates). The lowest fare cost, 2nd class rate is € 29.00. To know more, check here:

Amsterdam To Brussels By Plane

There are a total of 35 non-stop commercial flights that travel between Amsterdam to Brussels. The distance between Amsterdam to Brussels if you ravel by air is 97 miles. The shortest travel time is 45 minutes. The earliest flight departs at 06:55 AM and the last flight departs at 09:25 PM. The low cost of air plane rates begin at € 72.00.

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