Most Overrated Attractions In Amsterdam

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Taken aback by the beauty of Amsterdam, travelers love to visit here time and again. The Venice of the North is not just about the canal tours, drinks at Leidseplein, Flower market or the Red Light District, but has lots to offer. The attractions have found a prominent place in various travel blogs or guide books, as a result of which they have gained immense popularity over time and are bustled up with visitors from all around the globe. Amsterdam, if explored carefully has a lot of beauty, serenity, and affordable places in it.

Canal Tours: 

Canal Tours are one of the Amsterdam main attractions. Anyone traveling to this beautiful city aspires to go for a canal tour in the first place. There are no misgivings about the fact that the canals of Amsterdam are one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, but spending large amounts for the canal tours is certainly not done. The boats are packed with people and their loud annoying noises, which makes it hard to listen to the tour guides. There is a provision of private tours as well that costs a hefty amount for the tickets, which is not a wise option.

Bars at Leidseplein:

Leidseplein is one famous place in Amsterdam, where boozing and getting high is a normal practice. The place is one of the most happening and buoyant Amsterdam Attractions. But, one thing might not be known about this location, that it is among the busiest areas of Amsterdam. The customers need to wait longer for their turn at the bars and their service is awful. In comparison to this, Kadijksplein is a far better option. The location is a just 10-minute walk from central station. Kadijksplein is small and compact, filled with locals and humble staff at the bars.

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Flower Market:

The visit to the much- touted flower market of Amsterdam is just a matter of five minutes, The market amasses larger crowd and is among the most expensive Amsterdam Attractions. Tulips are the main attractions of this floating flower market and are sold comparatively at costlier rates. If you want to see the tulips, then plan a one day trip or book a tour of the flower park in Keukenhof, which is a perfect eye candy and rejuvenation for the mind.

The Red Light District:

 Whenever the name Amsterdam is put forward, the Red Light District of Amsterdam pops into everyone's mind. Another factor that drives its fondness in the visitors, is the relaxed laws towards the use of marijuana at the cafes, built in Amsterdam Red Light District. Although, the location is thronged, still everyone must pay a visit here. There are certain cafes, namely Mata Hari, Hofje van Wijs, Ton Ton Club, Pizzeria IL Sogno, etc. which are less crowded and noisy. In addition, there is an entirely different location, namely, Eastern Docklands, which is calm and face of modern architecture. Earlier this used to be a harbour of Amsterdam, which is now taking place as the new heart of the city. It is highly recommended so as to explore chaging face of the Dutch capital.


The visitors, who have kids along, visit the Vondelpark for a picnic. This attraction is a huge park spread across 47 hectares and is heavily crowded. The noises coming from almost everywhere seem more like the fish market. Kids running, playing, and making loud voices is surely not my idea of chilling. Vondelpark is among the Top Attractions in Amsterdam but there is one more lush green Flevopark, which must be seen for leisure time and embracing the nature. Amsterdam is delightful, but only when known where to go and what to see? The heart of the city can only be witnessed by traversing it from inside out. Hope this information will serve you the best in exploring Amsterdam!

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