The Lovely Amsterdam

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Amsterdam has so much to exploit in a vocational trip. There are definitely all the attractions and destinations that you can ever want to see. From the tours, sea boats, cruising diners, museums, historical sites and more. My boyfriend and I visited the place recently and this is the story of our great visit. The place was very spectacular and serene. We loved it so much. It was my boyfriend’s idea that we visit this place because he had already researched about Amsterdam and he knew that it was a very interesting place for a wonderful tour. He also knows what I love most and this made him to go into details of booking the best places for the two us. He actually planned to have his marriage proposal done in one of the wonderful tours that we were to have in Amsterdam. He was not disappointed because all went as planned and he actually managed to win my heart. Who on earth can fail to be unhappy in such a visit? You just need to go there and witness the serenity of the place then you will be able to understand what I’m talking about clearly.

 The Lovely Amsterdam

We started our trip with the Amsterdam Canal Cruises. This is the best place for the Boat Tours that is a must visit for every visitor. You will actually get to know the perspective of the great city even before going around here. This is the reason why we opted to start our tour from this wonderful place. We started our trip very early because we wanted to enjoy everything in the place. My boyfriend did his homework very well by finding out about the place first before we could even start the tour so he had some little idea of what to expect in this place. We had a one hour canal trip that actually helped us to get the glimpse of the city. We were able to learn so much about the city buildings, history and attractions that actually made the rest of our tour in the place to be more pleasurable. The boat was such an amazing experience for us in the tour.

 The Lovely Amsterdam

We moved to the Amsterdam Jewel Cruises for more cruises. This is the best place to enjoy a candlelight cruise on a charming riverboat. You can also have your intimate dinner very comfortably. It was the best for us and it made us to feel more intimate than before. The dinner was very fresh and it was served by well organised staff on our chosen private table. This is where my boyfriend went to his knees and pulled out a ring asking me to marry him. It was very romantic. This was a romantic way to cruise the canals. The boat was just small but very special and unique. My boyfriend had already planned and booked everything in place and he wanted it to be a surprise to me. I loved it so much. It actually brought a remarkable event in my life and I should just plan for another visit for an anniversary. The dinner cruise on this boat is what I still long for.

 The Lovely Amsterdam

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We could not miss to have another tour with the Amsterdam in World war II Walking Tour. This is where you will be able to get the knowledge and learn about the terrible experiences of Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation of the world war two.  You will also enjoy a great tailor made family tour. We both love history so much and that is why we could not afford to miss this historic tour. We actually met this wonderful guide Peter who was very delighted to in the subject of World War Two. He was very knowledgeable and well informed in this area. He had the passion for the job and he gave us the great sense of World War Two and Amsterdam as a whole. He was very enthusiastic about the city and all about Amsterdam. This was a very interesting small intimate tour that we had at the right time after having the marriage proposal.

 The Lovely Amsterdam

We wanted to have some good tour with the bike so we went to Joy Ride Tours: Bike Tour in Amsterdam. It is actually situated on the Museumplein just behind the Rijks Museum and in front of the reflecting pool is where it meets. We took the A’ dam Bike tour and we ended up very entertained and enlightened. I think that my boyfriend actually wanted me to reduce some few pounds of my weight so that I could look lovely during the wedding. We loved the countryside ride so much and proved to be absolutely magnificent and so much fun. I loved this idea and everything in the place.  When you are in Amsterdam, you just have to ride a bike and enjoy the splendor of riding around the countryside. You can also go to the city tours although in the city tour, you will need to deal with many stoplights, stops and go’s all in the city but the countryside is just clear and good to tour around. You cannot afford to miss this!

 The Lovely Amsterdam

We moved to the Sexmuseum Amsterdam Venustempel. This is a good speciality museum for good people-watching. It is a very unique kind of Dutch museum that you should visit while in Amsterdam. It is the place to have a variety of very interesting and funny images, paintings, sculptures and all sorts of items about sex. There are also very interesting art work from all over the world and some unique kind of pottery that is not available anywhere else in the world, not even in the Roman fort sites. We actually took several photographs taking the snaps of these wonderful works of the arts since photography was not prohibited in this particular Museum. As we walked along this sex museum holding hands and feeling very intimate, I just remembered Freud who actually said that sex is one of the basic instincts in humans and he was very right because it was very evident in this museum where there were a young couple sharing their good times here.

 The Lovely Amsterdam

We moved to another speciality museum called Madame Tussauds Amsterdam for more of the sculptures, historical sites, statues, arts and pictures of memorable people. It was a great time that we were taking pictures with the wax people in the museum. It was as if we were pretending to be hanging out with Bob Marley, Gandhi and Jammin among others. We had such a great time in this place and enjoyed all the things in that wonderful museum. This was just so wonderful that you cannot afford to miss. There were several interactive models, dressing up and the spaces for great photos. I loved it and would love to go back there again.

 The Lovely Amsterdam

We winded everything by going to the New Amsterdam Theatre in the New York City. This is a lavishly decorated theatre of Walt Disney. It is usually used for the popular production of different plays of the Lion King. The settings for these plays are usually made here because it is just a very wonderful theatre. We were able to see a very spectacular play of Mary Poppins which made us to love theatre even more. The show was so lovely and we enjoyed every bit of it. The play was cast in a very unique manner and the theatre was so spectacular. We sat in a very vantage position where we were able to see everything clearly and I have to confess that it was the best theatre that I have ever seen in my life. Our visit to Amsterdam was a great happiness in my life that I would want to rewind if it were a movie. Everything was perfect.


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