Train Ticket From Amsterdam To Dusseldorf

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There are many historical sights, Amsterdam museums and the canals of Amsterdam are something that you should not miss when you are planning a trip to this place. A wonderful place to spend your holiday.

Train ticket from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf


With so many old building, churches, cathedrals and castles, this place Dusseldorf is a good place for enjoying a weekend tour with the entire family and friends.

Here are the available modes of transport between Amsterdam to Dusseldorf

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Amsterdam to Dusseldorf by Train

The distance between Amsterdam and Dusseldorf is 225 kilometers and you have many direct transport facilities available between these two places. One of the shortest ways to reach Dusseldorf from Amsterdam is by the train. You have direct trains available on an hourly basis between these two places. You should board your train from the Amsterdam central railway station to the Dusseldorf Hbf railway station. You can reach your destination in 2 hours, 12 minutes and your train ticket would cost you something around $45 to $50.

Amsterdam to Dusseldorf by Bus

The bus is also not a bad option to travel from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf. You have many options available for buses as well.

Train ticket from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf

But the frequency of these buses is very less, you either have some buses once a day or once a week. Take a bus at the Amsterdam, Sloterdijk station to the Dusseldorf Hbf bus station. The bus journey is for 3 hours, 13 minutes and the bus ticket would cost you something around $13 and $15.

Amsterdam to Dusseldorf by Flight

You have many direct flights available from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf. You will board your flight at the AMS Amsterdam airport to Dusseldorf DUS airport. The flight journey is for 50 minutes non stop, but the flight ticket would cost you $100 to $240. This is the most expensive mode of transport between these two places, but it is the fastest way to reach Dusseldorf. If money is not a concern, then you can take a flight else train is the cheapest option available for you to reach Dusseldorf. 

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