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I am not a newbie. I am an English teacher (who works for other schools, i have no busiiness of my own)who has lived in Mendoza, Argentina, for many years. I joined this forum sometime ago, but have not used it lately because of the lack of discussion and the restrictions on posting. I just got a message on my email saying that I have been "missed", so I thought I would check to see what is happening here. Not much obviously. Not trying to be negative just helpful. Without links, helpful info for other travellers just cannot be given, hence your lack of penetration.

I have tried to post information about travel, schools and other info about Argentina and South Imerica, but my posts keep being deleted, including comments with no references to other sites and nothing that can be remotely classified as "advertisement". This is strange and probably the reason why this forum is so moribund. Why do you bother continuing I wonder?

Just trying to be helpful, it will be interesting to return to this site someday to see if this has been deleted as well.




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As the warning says no links are allowed.

That means any kind of links either advertisment or not. We are not some sort of directory that gathers a whole bunch of links. We find posts to be really boring and lame if people just use it as a directory. We prefer having small amount of quality topics rather than having unlimited amount of not usefull or very low quality ones.

If you want to post links just Google "travel directories" and post your links there.

However if you find usefull information on other sites you wanna share you can alway post a sammary of the info you saw there along with your personal opinion.

The only links we accept are the links on the right side of every post, those links are sponsored links that help us maintain this forum and its development. If you interested in advertising with us just press "Add your link here" which is located on the right side of every post and follow the instructions there.

If you have any more questions please let us know....

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