My Amazing Travel To Christchurch, New Zealand

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When I visited Christchurch, New Zealand, I was very amazed at the tranquillity of this land. There was so much to do and to enjoy in a tour in Christchurch, New Zealand. I just wanted to have some good rest away from work and the noise that I am used to at home. I also wanted to move to a different unique environment where I could just relax and enjoy nature somewhere very calm. I chose Christchurch, New Zealand because of its calmness and also a lot of things to see in that particular place. From the Botanic Gardens, tours, trams, towers, to wonderful casinos that are just but a few to mention about Christchurch, New Zealand. I came up with the idea when I thought of a place to have very good rest. I had my annual leave from work and the company did not provide any vocational retreat for leave so I wanted to organise one on my own and enjoy myself before resuming back to work.

 My amazing travel to Christchurch, New Zealand

I started my tour with the Christchurch Botanic Gardens in the Rolleston Avenue in New Zealand to have a great walk. The place has several indigenous plants of New Zealand that are well kept in this garden as their good home. They are actually thriving so well and looking quite colourful in the garden. I saw the rose garden and I loved the roses so much. They are worth a look. I visited in autumn and the colours of these wonderful plants were simply stunning and very awesome. The place was as quiet as I had expected with gorgeous native plants and the peaceful lakes with friendly ducks. I was able to relax from the hustle bustle of the workplace, home and the city. It was quite serene and I felt so wonderful being in this garden. The place is very clean, litter free and the environment well conserved. In fact, you will have to take away with you your rubbish when you leave as there is no room for them in the garden. It was a very good place for a nice walk. I strolled through the garden to the city as I moved back to take my taxi to another destination.

 My amazing travel to Christchurch, New Zealand

I headed for the Can NZ – Day Tours so that I could have my tour to the Aoraki, Mount Cook, Tranz Alpine train, Hanmer hot spring trips and many others. I also wanted to have good whale watching, swimming with the dolphins, hiking and picnics. All these are sightseeing tours by the can NZ-day Tours. The guides were very delighted to help me have everything that I wanted. They proved to be very friendly and knowledgeable about all the places and the activities that interests visitors in this place. The driver was such a marvellous person to have the tour with. He actually knows where to slow down and when to stop. There were even the seals that were just having a rest on the rocks just right beside the road and you don’t even have to get outside the car to see them clearly. I loved this kind of tour so much.

 My amazing travel to Christchurch, New Zealand

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The next place of visit was Arthur’s Pass Hiking & TranzAlpine One Day Tour from Christchurch. You can actually do several activities in one day and in the evening I was able to go back to the city for my dinner. I had a great ride on TranzAlpine which is very famous. I also had a guided walk along the Arthur’s Pass National Park and on the Alpine Highway. I could not miss to go up the mountains at the Arthur’s pass and it was so breathtaking. Everything was perfectly organised and well arranged for me just as I had specified in the internet when I was planning for this particular tour. This made me enjoy all the things that I actually wanted to have. At the end of the day, I had to leave but I made a promise to myself that I will have to come back for more.

 My amazing travel to Christchurch, New Zealand

I went to the Christchurch Gondola in bridle Path Road Christchurch in New Zealand. It is only 15 minutes drive from the main central city. This is where you can actually enjoy a relaxing ride to the summit of the Port Hills. It also gives you a very spectacular view of the city, the Canterbury plains and the majestic Southern Alps. The place is also good for riding, shopping and relaxing while you enjoy your snacks and refreshments at the Summit Cafe. You can as well enjoy a romantic evening dinner at the wonderful Pinnacle Restaurant. It was a great fun that I had in this particular attraction. I actually sat facing backwards and I was able to have a great view of the lake and the marvellous mountains among other natural features.

 My amazing travel to Christchurch, New Zealand

I also went to the NZ Christchurch Golf Tour in the Tai Tour road. This was a great Golf tour in my life. When I was planning for the visit, I never thought that it would come out to be the perfect experience in my life. It was wonderful to have a view of people playing golf and other games in that enormous field. There were several activities to do and I also had a great hike in this place. It made me feel more physically fit than I have ever felt.

 My amazing travel to Christchurch, New Zealand

I went to the Christchurch Casino along the Victoria Street in Christchurch New Zealand. It is a very good Casino and you can always enjoy gambling in this Casino. The place is just very ideal for a good entertainment and relaxation. It is considered as the very first Casino that ever existed in New Zealand. There were entertainments in this place that were very enjoyable. It was just a great atmosphere for fun and very good music as we took some refreshment. I also took some meals there and they were actually very delicious and tasty meals. The eating area was very well laid with a sports television over the table to watch the favourite sports as you take your meals. You can always have a seat with your view over the tables as you watch the sports on the TV.

 My amazing travel to Christchurch, New Zealand

I decided to have a tram tour in the city through the Christchurch Tramway. This is the perfect place to enjoy a great informative inner city tram Tour and the breathtaking entertainment of your lifetime. This is something you cannot afford to see and even do on the tram route. Here, be sure of enjoying gorgeous beauties in the new gallery, perfect arts at the arts centre, a good museum, and those great botanic gardens.  There is a ticket offered which is usually valid for up to two days to allow you to have plenty of time to do and see everything that you want around the place. You can also pay a visit to the restaurant Tram when you want a very unique dining experience. This was just a very unique way to see the central city and I loved the view so much. Viewing the city by tram was such a leisurely way of enjoying the sights.

 My amazing travel to Christchurch, New Zealand

Going to all these places and having all the fun made me to regain my strength and I was able to go back to work a very enthusiastic, jovial and very energetic person that my colleagues started asking me about my secret of regaining that strength. I had fallen in love with Christchurch New Zealand and getting out to go back home became a major problem as I wanted to continue having the fun. I am currently planning for another tour during our vacation so that my boyfriend can also join me in the trip and have fun as well.


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