New Zealand New Cruise Ports.

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i've just read that new zealands cruise industry has increased by 20% this year, therefore they are going to build a new cruise port.

this so happens to be right by my favourite hoiliday destination.

i happen to surf ALOT and i come here at least once every 2 years. 

the port is literally right by auckland a little beach right by there.

i dont really have anything against cruises, but theyre going to wreck my favourite place :(

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the sulphur and oil and genreal bad things produced by cruise ships is phenominal so its goiung to damage the enviorment there. 

even worse the port will block of the current, therefore no more surf on the beach :(

what are your opinions on this? 

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Thanks for sharing a nice information in this topic it  really helps me a lot in my next trip thanksJ

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