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Travel to New ZealandI recently travelled to New Zealand with my boyfriend during my summer break and I am convinced that it is a country any serious traveler must visit. The flight from Honk Kong was long but when we arrived the weather was amazingly warm, sparking our excitement once again. We checked into our hotel that is strategically located on the Auckland’s waterfront. One of the things that you will notice about Auckland is its distinct culture that is attributed to the blend of Polynesian, Maori, European and Asian heritages. We had not planned for anything special on this day so we settled into our room and later had our dinner before going to bed.

Our tour began officially on the next day just as we had designed our itinerary. We visited the Hauraki Gulf that is an archipelago of about 47 islands even though the most popular one is Waiheke. This is because this island has excellent beaches as well as bays that are an ideal atmosphere for relaxing. In fact my boyfriend had a great time on this beach. The other great place that we visited that I can confidently recommend to you is the Waitakere ranges. These ranges are great for scenic drives that will take you beyond the bush scenery to some of the spectacular beaches. There are also observation points that guarantee you spectacular views of waterfalls and dense jungles that are definitely worth the drive away from the city. You will hardly believe that you can find such tranquility closer to the city.

The Rangitoto Island is another great place that you need to visit while in Auckland. This volcanic island is a great location for bird watching, fishing, swimming, walking and enjoying the beauty of colorful flora. Moreover, it also offers a spectacular view of the peak of the cone shaped mountain. We spend an entire day here and at the end of the day we concluded it was well worth it even though we never caught any fish after hours of fishing. Another attraction that you must visit is the Cornwall Park that is also an excellent escape from the city. This urban park is lined with oak tree roads as well as paths that are dotted with sheep and cattle. You can enjoy your picnic, ran, games, biking and barbeque right here leaving you relaxed.

If you love art, then you must not miss a trip to the Auckland art gallery Toi o Tamaki that is home to an amazing collection of art. This gallery offers the largest visual arts experience with it’s over 15,000 works that you may not see everything in one day. Apart from the huge collection, I also liked the fact that the gallery is accessible by wheelchairs and have even gone further to provide wheelchairs thus it does not lock out the paraplegic. The Auckland museum is also another fantastic place where we spent an entire afternoon admiring the Maori exhibits and traditional performance that is a way of preserving the culture standout as well as the war memorial that is touching. Other highlights at this museum include New Zealand Geographic photos and the holocaust exhibits. The amazing mix of exhibits drawn from different areas make this museum makes it worth visiting.

If you want to have a great time at a beach that is not crowded then Bethells beach is the place to go. This beach that is about half an hour from city is one of Auckland’s hidden gems that has black sand and is a great place to engage in various activities. However, you must be careful while swimming because the sea tends to get rough. Auckland’s skywalk is another great adventure that you can enjoy especially if you want to have good view of the landmarks as well as sparkling harbor from the ring of Sky Tower. This is however not for the faint hearted especially those people who fear heights because there are no handrails thus there will be a huge rush of adrenaline. Even then, your safety is guaranteed.

The Auckland Zoo gives you a perfect opportunity to see one of the largest collections of animals in New Zealand. This zoo is also one of the most progressive in the world and this is evident in the stunning park surrounding that has a naturalistic environment for animals. The Viaduct Harbor is another awesome place in Auckland that is not just the centre of sailing but also a place where you will find some of the finest bars, luxury apartments and restaurants.

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One of the best ways to sample the best of New Zealand’s cuisine is by going on the Big Foody food tours that guarantee you an ultimate food tour experience and lots of fun. The 4.5-hour long tasting tour exposed us to wine and food places that we would never have thought of during our travel to New Zealand. The organizers of this tour know some of the best places that you can eat regardless of your budget. In fact, this is one of the best ways to discover the great foodie spots while you relax. We also could not resist the temptation of going on recreational fishing with the Megabites Fishing Charter. Unlike our initial attempt of fishing at the beach, we were lucky this time round as we caught a snapper. The boat is quite comfortable making the entire experience relaxing and enjoyable.

During our travel to New Zealand, our evenings were absolutely fantastic. We identified the Classic Comedy Club that host comedy shows every evening. This is one of the best fun night outs we have ever enjoyed. The atmosphere is great and the shows are worth the money. We had a great time in New Zealand and we are hopeful that we can make a second visit to a different destination. Even then I can confidently recommend New Zealand to anyone planning to travel there. 

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I used to live in New Zealand, precisely in Russell, Bay of Islands, and you have perfectly summarized what this enchanting country, so close to Nature with a capital "N" is about smiley3

NZ is really to me one of Earth's last paradises !

Thank you !




PS : the picture of the sheep on the top of the world is a cracker clapsmiley

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