How To Get From Ciudad Sandino To Colon

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Ciudad Sandino

If you come early at the Puerto Salvador Allende in Ciudad Sandino at around 9 am during weekdays, you can enjoy the property in peace and you can unwind at the bank in the shade with its quiet and beautiful surroundings.

How To Get From Ciudad Sandino To Colon


It is interesting to see the Gatun Locks of Colon City in Panama. It is fifteen minutes away by taxi from the cruise port and you don't need to book in advance for this tour.

Here are the available modes of transport from Ciudad Sandino to Colon.

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Bus Ticket From Ciudad Sandino To Colon

The distance between Ciudad Sandino to Colon is 1215 km. You need to take the Tica Bus transport service that hails from the Managua bus terminal that is bound to San Jose, Costa Rica. From here, take another Tica Bus that goes to Panama City. From here, take a one hour ride on board Panarail to reach the city of Colon. The total travel time is 28 hours and 22 minutes for US$110. For details, check:

If you prefer to drive, the travel time is 18 hours.

How To Get From Ciudad Sandino To Colon

Train Ticket From Ciudad Sandino To Colon

There is no direct railway transport that covers the Ciudad to Sandino route.

Airplane Ticket From Ciudad Sandino To Colon

You can take the Copa Airlines from Managua to reach Colon. The travel time is two hours and 30 minutes for US$110. For the complete details, check out:

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