Private Transportation In Nicaragua

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Here at Neptune Transport Services, we take great pride in providing most secure and reliable transportation in Nicaragua, catering specifically to those with more specific needs. We have everything necessary to get you from Point-A to Point-B with you, along with your surf boards, luggage, fishing gear, or whatever it may be. All of our vehicles are 2015-2017 models, which are kept in pristine condition, and we have the 4×4’s that are more often than not necessary to get where you’re headed to (as the roads are not totally developed yet along the coast). For surferers, the Nicaraguan Pacific coast is home to some the best swells in the world (specifically Playa Popoyo, Playa Marsella, and Playa Maderas), so plan your trip to Nicaragua and we’ll take care of the rest, so you can rest easy and spend your vacation days even easier.

Furthermore, All of our drivers are not only bi-lingual, but have been trained to be chauffeurs (as opposed to "taxi drivers") with an extensive knowledge of the country's history, tourist locations and politics.

As mentioned, when travelling with NTS, we have a vast variety of new 2015-2017 model vehicles to choose from that are kept immaculate and very well maintained, (not to mention that they are all air-conditioned, of course)...
- Our Land Cruiser Prado's and Toyota Hilux's are well prepared for travelers with unique/excess luggage or the need to go "off the beaten path"
- We can accommodate private groups of up to 15 in our Toyota Hiace Shuttle buses, and groups of up to 30 in our Toyota Coaster Buses.
- We have recently added luxury vehicles to our fleet (BMW X5's and BMW 525i's) for those who wish to travel in elite comfort, class and style.

Whether it be a pick-up from the airport, a trip to Mirador Catarina, a scenic tour along the coast, or one of our half-day or full-day excursions throughout the country, you will get to experience Nicaragua in the most unique and prestigious way that anyone other tourism company can offer.

Far Beyond our Pick-Up/Drop-Off Services, we offer the most remarkable and memorable excursions to places that have still yet to be found (or revealed) to most any tourist. You won’t find them on TripAdvisor, NomadicMatt, or any other travel sites (yet)…So come take it all in before they become just another tourist “hot-spot”!

Door-to-Door service (to and from the airport) are available 24 hours a day & 7 days a week in order to ensure that your transportation requirements are met in the most professional and accommodating manner. No hassle, no hang-ups, no worries.

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Neptune Transport Service’s main goal is to ensure that your Nicaraguan Holiday is as simple and comfortable as it is secure. Our administrators, staff, and drivers strive to provide the best travel and touring experience possible.

We do not believe in loose strings, and make ourselves readily available to you (via E-mail, Text, Phone, Whatsapp, or Facebook) both before and during your visit in our country to be sure of the quality and ease of your stay.

We take great pride in our company along with its rapport, and once you arrive in Nicaragua we are prepared and happy to cater to your travel needs in every possible way that we can.

A preview of our fleet, along with our Head of Business Development (Mr. Fox), and our owner (Sr. Lopez)Private Guided 4x4 TourPrivate Group Pick-Up at Managua International Airport

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