Five Perfect Holiday Spot To Be In Nigeria

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Are you itching for a dream holiday destination in Nigeria? Once upon a time, taking time off from work for a holiday trip was considered a luxury by most middle class Nigerians. Not any longer because you can see the best of Nigeria—especially if you do not have enough funds to visit some expensive holiday destinations like the overrated Obudu Mountain Resort. Between food and activities, flights or car trips and accommodations, travelling can be very expensive in some part of the county. However, a holiday destination does not have to leave you broke with our list of 20 holiday destinations that even a thrifty traveler can make use of.

Okomu National Park

Okomu National Park

 A favourite of thrill seekers and families, that offers plenty of free exciting activities to do.  The distance may cost you depending on where you are coming from, but with cheap accommodations and food, Okomu National Park is one place anyone can visit. You have the rain forest to explore, watch thousands of birds display acrobatically and have a romantic family picnic.  The presence of elephants, white throated monkeys and many wildlife species can only beat your imagination.

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

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Ekiti State is definitely a holiday destination that won’t empty your wallet; this is the reason why the Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort has become one of the most visited holiday destinations in Nigeria. The spring resort is a geological wonder where a warm and a cold water spring meets.

Owu Water Falls

 Some tourists would tell you that this is where the earth meets the heavens. This is a lovely affordable holiday spot that a middle class Nigeria can visit and still explore luxury of Mother Nature with little cash. The waterfall cascades, the rocky outcrops, the beautiful landscape, pool of ice cold water at the ground and the scene is an awesome holiday attraction.

Oguta Lake

Oguta Lake

The fresh water lake of Oguta Lake looks like a faraway paradise, even though it is situated in the Eastern part of Nigeria. The combination of mini children recreation park, Golf course and cruise boat services makes this holiday destination an ideal place to visit. The Confluence of Urashi River and Oguta Lake makes sightseeing so amazing.

Idanre Hills

 In a little town called Idanre is tucked the Idanre Hills , that is over 800 years old. Why must you come to a place as old as this during your vacation? The assemblage of hills that come of various shapes and sizes would catch your attention with its architecture and aesthetics. You can only get to the top with a 640 steps with 5 resting points. If you are very adventurous, then you try the Agoogun Footprints, that is believed to contract or enlarge to fit every foot.

You cannot forget the beauty that come from any of these spots when you come here for your holiday, all you need to do is to forget about work and the worries of life and explore these five places.

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