Most Amazing Places In Calabar

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Calabar is one of most popular cities in Africa that is located in the coastal Southeastern part of Nigeria.  It is called the ‘Canaan City’ in Cross River State and has become a haven for tourists from around the world. ‘Come and Live and Be at Rest’ is a coinage that totally describes the  receptivity of  the once capital of Nigeria, that is endowed with natural beauty, attraction centers and scenarios you are not going to see in any part of the world.

There is no home like Calabar when it comes to tourism. You are definitely going to feel at home because of the hospitality that is shown to everyone coming to the city.  If you are a tourist looking for how you would make your flight booking arrangement to  Calabar, you do not need to worry about the affordability.

Calabar Carnival

The Slave Museum is one of the city’s colonial architecture, located inside the historical colonial government house, with lots of artifacts and art works that connects you to the city’s history.  There is the Calabar Free Trade Zone, the Calabar Port, Cultural and Civil Center and Tinapa Business and Tourist Resort.

The Tinapa Free Zone & Resort has facilities that take care of entertainment and leisure for tourists, with a digital cinema, casino, restaurants, amphitheater, a night club, children's arcade and a mini and pubs with an artificial tidal lake. There is the Drill Monkey Rehabilitation Centre, that houses endangered Drill monkeys, and one of the oldest churches in Nigeria, Duke Town church is another historical attraction centre.  The Marina Resort is a famous tourist destination. It has facilities like the speed boat ride, film/movie theatre, the carrousel horse ride and a rare opportunity to look at Calabar.  Some distance from Calabar is the Obudu Ranch Resort that has become one of the places tourists cannot stay in Calabar without visiting.

obudu ranch

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The mother of these attraction centres is the Calabar Carnival, an annual festival that presents tourists with African heritage through drama, dance, music and visual creativity that is reflected in the design of costumes, make-up and floats, every December 26 and 27.  The festival begins from November 30 to January 1 and has become Africa’s largest cultural festival, with more than 50,000 costumed revelers and thousands of tourists who travel to witness this festival.

Every airline that is coming to Calabar lands  at Margaret Ekpo International Airport. It is also called Calabar Airport by the locals. It  has 1 runway, which is 8040 feet (2451 metres)  long. The presence of the country’s major airlines is felt in the city and have flights to and from major cities in the country.

From Margaret Ekpo International Airport, there are a lot of car rental services that you can make use of.  Every time of the year is excellent for visiting. However, it is always during November and December that it is considered the best time. This is because of the Cross River State Annual Christmas Festival that include events like Fashion shows, Boat regatta, the annual Ekpe Festival and Christmas Village. Most importantly, there are lots of hotels that Travelstart would help you book in for your maximum comfort and relaxation.





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