Movies That Inspire Nigeria Travel Fee

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There are Nollywood movies that would make you crack your ribs with laughter, cry or even make you hiss. Have you ever watched a Nollywood movie that has gotten you inspired for your next vacation?  We mean movies that would urge you to start making phone calls for a trip to the location where that movie was shot. If you have not watch such movie, then check out these five Nollywood movies that can inspire you to travel to some unique destinations in the world.

30 days in Atlanta


Some of us who have watched this Nigerian romantic comedy film may be shaking our heads in agreement. 30 Days in Atlanta is one movie that has inspired travel fee. When you watch this movie, it makes you desire to be in the locations where it was shot. Ayo Makun knew the exact location to take his movie to in Atlanta, United States of America and Lagos, Nigeria that would make viewers love his creativity. Each of the scenes is perfectly handled to lure you to plan your vacation. Of course, a lot of Nigerian travellers have fallen to the charm of the movie when picking their vacation destinations.

The Mirror Boy


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Right from the beginning of this movie, you are glued to your seat as you watch the12 year old son of Genevieve Nnaji, struggle to be accepted in London. When things went out of hands, the movie suddenly became more exciting as it took us to Gambia.  You can feel the tempo of this African country’s tourist vibe, the landscapes and the touch of the people’s hospitality.  The movie is filled with views of untouched tourist destinations that you may want to explore.  Just expect a lashing of places to discover and adventure in London or even Gambia where the movie was set.


Baby Oku in America

Las Vegas, Nevada

You may be laughing already. Mercy Johnson Okojie killed it in getting that special flavour that the movie has.  The power of the lens of camera in capturing some beautiful streets of the United States of America, the shopping malls and the tourist attractions associated with the movie, bring you closer to America. Baby Oku in America will have you laugh and inspire you buy a ticket to see America yourself.


Benin, Nigeria

You may not be longing to jet out of Nigeria when you watch this tragic love story that was set in the ancient Kingdom of Benin. You only want to take the next flight to Benin to see all those stunning destinations that the 3 sacred virgins from this kingdom took us through in the movie. It is set in some of the loveliest and captivating places. Iyore is bound to cause nostalgia for those Nigerians outside the country to come home. Rita Dominic  starred as Osarugwe in the movie. It was nominated in ten categories at the 2014 Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards.


Adambano in London


From the moment you begin to watch Adambano who happened to be comic Queen Nwokoye in this action packed comedy, you just know that it is going to be interesting. One thing that is always at the back of those who have watched this movie was let her travel to London. The truth is, Queen never disappointed us when she travelled. She was able to take us to some of the breathtaking places that a lot of Nigerians may want to visit when they come to London.

 We listed five of these Nollywood movies, and may have missed that Nollywood movie that you believed can inspire travel fee. You can help us make the recommendation on the comment box.









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