Top Destinations To Explore In Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

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Akwa Ibom is  a state in the South South part of Nigeria, a state with  two major sea ports, an international airport, Akwa Ibom International airport  and is the country’s highest oil and gas producing state. Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom is catching fast in development with cities like Port Harcourt and Lagos in infrastructures.  The state has become a modern metropolis that has become the home to a larger number of expatriates in Nigeria because of its oil and other international companies that are having their companies here.

You can relax in the different beaches,  explore the beautiful tourist attraction centers in the state, dine with the natives and enjoy  the exciting  night life in Uyo.   The state has become where you can spend your vacation, have exciting moments and sleep in some of the best beautiful hotels in the country.

Akwa Ibom

You can travel to Ibeno Beach, which  is one of the most beautiful beaches for picnic and sight-seeing . If you would want to sunbath and spend time around the waters, this is one location for you to be. The Ibeno Beach is one of the longest in West Africa and its sandy shore stretches over two kilometers.  Akwa Ibom has transformed over the years to become a city that has a sprawling enclave of water fountains, sassy shops, streets’ viewing centers, beautiful walkways and great gardens. The state is taking after the Trafalgar Square London where you find a lot of malls and tourist attraction centers.

The Usaka Annang forest that is at Obot Okara has become a tourist haven after the Gulder Ultimate Search TV reality show was conducted there.  There are lots of parks and gardens that are designed to be aesthetic to behold.

The night life in Akwa Ibom is great and offers visitors what major cities around the world can give in its social activities. Ikot Ekpene is a place to visit when you are in Akwa Ibom, aside Uyo, there are lots of cultural heritages that are scattered around Ikot Ekpene. The pottery and sculpture industry is something you may not miss when you are here which is why tourists are seen coming here too.

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You can take advantage of the cheap hotels from the budget hotels to the five star hotels in Akwa Ibom that offers its customers comfortable and luxury at an affordable rate.

Akwa Ibom tourism

Akwa Ibom International Airport serves the visitors who are coming to the state . It has a lounge that passengers can make use of when they await any airline and have become a major place where passengers can exchange their money and buy things from the malls that are in the airport.  Visitors are advised to make use of these car hire services because it would help them move around the state easily.

November and December is the best time to visit Akwa Ibom if you want to experience the lots of festivals that are carried out here.  This is one period when thousands of visitors come to the state for the different concerts and events that happen.


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