Exploring The Unexplored Beauty Of North Korea

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My friend Ken and I finally decided to have a great time by visiting North Korea. This came a long way after an urge to adventure good places during our holidays. It was also as a fulfillment to the promise that we had earlier proposed to each other to tour the best place during our free days. Ultimately, North Korea came to be our most preferred country to explore its beautiful, scenic and most attractive nature and its natural landscape. North Korea geographically is situated in the eastern part of Asia and has many tourist attractions sites; the mountains, valleys, the royal tombs, high towers, falls among many others that make this place the world’s most visited place globally. We started our holiday early enough by securing our tickets before high peak season to curb the possible rise in price due to large number of tourist who were to visit the same place. The experience in North Korea was awe inspiring .We loved relaxing in the serene atmosphere and admiring the beauties such that I developed a great yearning to share to all and sundry.

 Exploring the unexplored beauty of North Korea

We arrived in North Korea at the start of the grand and impeccable Arirang festival. The whole place was immensely filled with large hordes of people from all works of the world. We could hardly veil our joy and smiles as we watched the amazing and dramatic children walk to the arena ready to start their performance. The place was attractively inflated with gargantuan charming mosaic portraits. They made the whole place look more of a historical astounding museum that has the best kinds of attractions. I was so moved by them that I kept asking anyone whom I found on how to purchase them. The kids performed their more than 3000 amusing games. It was hard to believe that kids of such tender age could have such a remarkable imaginative mind to exhibit such bravely. All through, I wondered why my country did not hold such functions. This marked the beginning of the stunning Arirang festival. Then the dancers took the floor and did every style they knew of and the most magical ones. The dance was so tempting that I found myself dancing right from where we had stopped at for a better view of the whole event. Finally the enticing gymnastics owned the whole arena as they did what they knew how to do best amidst cheers and jubilations. It was a terrible thing leaving this movie like attractions. I was so happy that our visit had started with a high note.

 Exploring the unexplored beauty of North Korea

We then toured the striking Heaven Lake on the enticing Baekdu Mountains. We were soaked in the mind blowing views of the whole mountain while trying all our best to ascend to its summit. The mountain had lots of attractive flora that made the whole area embrace a cool tranquil atmosphere. I liked everything that was abhorred by the mountain. Within a couple of seconds, we had reached the compelling peak of the mountains where our eyes remained wide open to appreciate the beautiful lake. It was indeed heaven like just as the name suggested. The lake was beginning to have ice blocks on some of its parts. We loved the experience there and took bountiful photos of it. We decided to relax within its region to capture more of the serene atmosphere while watching the lake keenly to see if more ice cubes would develop. Our trip was surely going great.

 Exploring the unexplored beauty of North Korea

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The dazzling Juche Tower was another site we wanted to visit very much. The tower was spectacular with a height that cannot be matched to any other. Juche tower is actually the second tallest monument known in the world. We felt so tiny while standing besides. Its architectural design was also impeccable. We took several photos of its exterior layout to keep vivid images of it in our books of history. We then walked into its lovely interiors. The breath taking interior layout was definitely the best we had ever witnessed. The tower had over 25500 blocks all a tribute to the Kim II Sung as each represented every day of his 70 years life. We liked them very much. We then used the well maintained elevator to reach the tower’s top. Here, we could hardly turn our eyes away as the whole place looked more of a paradise. We actually forgot of being in the planet earth as we thought of having travelled to the mars. The pinnacle offered 360 degrees view of the entire surrounding. We used our camera to capture every beauty that was laid beautifully before us.  We also had fun when we discovered the enthralling metallic torch that illuminated the whole beautiful place. This was a place worth of a second visit.

 Exploring the unexplored beauty of North Korea

The magnetic DMZ was yet another scenic site we enthralled adventuring. It came to our attention in the most dramatic way we had not yet experienced. There was a beautiful fortification of thousands of charming and lovely military soldiers aligned in a straight line. This line was very horizontal making it illusory as anyone with a ruler would have easily marked a permanent contour on the grounds. I liked it very much. More astonishing was the minute distance between them. It was so small and scarcely could you find them chitchatting to each other. They had the old school sort of uniform that made them look compelling. It was indeed a great place to visit.

 Exploring the unexplored beauty of North Korea

We then headed to the mysterious Kaesong area. The place had the best kinds of carvings for royal tombs. There were actually many well maintained and carefully embellished tombs. The tombs are known to belong to the royal family of Koryo Dynasty. They indeed exhibited a royal take as they seemed to have used excessive dollars for them to be put in place. We strolled though bowing at each and every one of them as were wanted to show respect to the majestic nature. We within no time found the tomb of the famous King Wanggon. It was decorated accurately making us envy the country’s culture. This place was indeed worth of visiting again and sure we would.

 Exploring the unexplored beauty of North Korea

We then explored the most wonderful Foryong falls. The water originates from Mt. Geumgant which according to Korean more means Diamond Mountain. While at its highest place, we had scenic view of the features that were on the downside of the fall and on the upper side of the mountain were the beautiful dense forest. We really appreciated the nature and the attractive and picturesque atmosphere. The water were falling from the highest point such that it wasn’t clear to where it was dropping its waters due to misty like conditions that clouded the whole place. Actually the place was dangerous due to many risks that were associated with the sloppy landscape and sliding ground due to too much moisture that were present in the soils.

 Exploring the unexplored beauty of North Korea

We then finally ceased our adventure at the King –II-Sung Mausoleum. This place attracted our attention most because of its decorations and the number of people that were present at our arrival time. It is a martyr cemetery that was constructed to honor and commemorate those who lost their lives during the Japanese invasion. This was an extraordinary cemetery we had ever seen because of its exceptional uniqueness like the artistic pictures in every grave showing somebody’s image and also the remarkable maintenance that made the place to have distinctive beauty. People laid several flowers at the cemetery to show and express their gratitude and sorrow to the deceased.

 Exploring the unexplored beauty of North Korea

Actually our tour to North Korea will remain in our memories forever with an urge to revisit the place again.


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What an interesting and unusual destination bigtup


Thank you for showing a  newcultural light and appeal to a country that deserves so much than bad press in the news...

Are the formalities to enter the country as a tourist difficult or rather easy ?

The secrecy surrounding the country make each visit like yours trespassing on unknown territory wink



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This post is really worth reading. I found here very interesting information about North Korea. I am really thankful to you for this precious post and beautiful experience.

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