Train Ticket From Pyongyang To Busan

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Pyong yang is famous for its Tower of the Juche Idea. The 170 meter tower is probably the most remarkable lookout in Pyongyang that carries the secondary meaning of "Juche Idea".

Train Ticket From Pyongyang To Busan


The United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan honors the brave UN soldiers from 16 countries who were killed in combat during the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.

Here are the available modes of transport from Pyongyang to Busan.

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Train Ticket From Pyongyang To Busan

First, you must take the Seoul Metro Line 2 train ride from Gangbeon station up to Chungjeongno station. From Seoul, take the Korail train that is bound to Busan. The travel time is three hours at a cost of US$52. For details, visit:

Train Ticket From Pyongyang To Busan

Bus Ticket From Pyongyang To Busan

The distance between Pyongyang to Busan is 520 km. You must take the Bus Terminal Korea bus ride that hails from the Donghae terminal and bound to Dongseoul Bus Terminal. Once there, take the railway transport route that will take you to the city of Busan. The travel time by bus is two hours and eight minutes. The ticket can be purchased for US$17. To get the details, visit:

If you prefer to drive from Pyongyang to Busan; the travel time is one hour and 35 minutes.

Airplane Ticket From Pyongyang To Busan

Take the Air Koryo when travelling from Pyongyang to Busan. The travel time is five hours at a cost of US$320. 

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