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Norway,the country in Northern Europe, catches the attention of thousands of tourists every year. The prime attraction of this country is its picturesque landscape across the Arctic region. Norway possesses a wide variety of landscapes and scenery, and sites are focusing on the best part of it.

Famous places in Norwayare Oslo, Bergen,Trondheim, Troms,Stavanger, Kristiansand,and Lillehammer. Apart from that,there is fjord coastline, where you can enjoy the views of lakes, mountains,and woods, while lodging in the ski resorts. Norway is more famous for its undoubted natural panorama. The popular places in Norwayare:

Oslo attractions: The capital city of Norway,Oslo is a major tourist attraction in the country, although a little less popular that Bergen.However, if you want to taste some genuine Norwegian traditions in the real sense, you can go to Edvard Munch Museum and the Viking Ship Museum.In these museums, you can see Norwegian history and culture. Oslo is also famous for its continental atmosphere. During winters, visitors are taking part in adventure sports at Oslo

Bergen attractions: Bergenis the most famous tourist smudge in Norway.There are a number of places to see in Bergen such as Fjord County,inner harbor, Old Town etc. You can also visit the local museums in the town to get general information about culture and great past of the city. The Old Town is more famous for its prosperous history. For more attractive beauty, you have to visit fjords. You can enjoy the striking sights by availing a cruise tour. The Norwegian coastal steamers,Hurtigruten offers a fantastic ride.

Tromso attractions: Tromso city is situated in the beautiful Island of Troms. Tromso Island is a gorgeous and you can find a numeral of beautiful vistas across the island. One of the most outstanding features in Tromso holidays is that you can enjoy the midnight sun the best from this city. Dreamland for fishing, this place is also well-known for northern most university of the world. For its vivacious and lively atmosphere,it is also fondly called ‘Paris of the North'.

Stavanger attractions: The city of Stavangeris to be found on the southwestern coasts in Norway.You can be observer the genuine Norwegian cultural flavour in this city. Sandybeaches, small islands, and beautiful fjords, these are the major attractions in Stavanger. The beaches are the heart of adventure sports in the city. Fjords are another major attraction in the city. You can carry out short walking trips through the stunning landscape. In other words, you can see the breathtaking blending of old and new in this picturesque city.

Kristiansand attractions: Kristiansand houses a number of museums and monuments. Vest Agder Fylkes-Museum and Kristiansand Kanonmuseum are the main two museums in the city. You can know-how the Norwegian culture while lodging around these museums. Apart from these,there are some other places, which are worth a visit such as Oddernes Kirke,Kristiansand Dyrepark, Sorlandet Art Museum, Agder naturmuseum. Summers are pleasing there, while you can have heavy snowstorm during the winters.

Lillehammer attractions: It is the main city in Oppland County. The town is located near Lake Mjsa. It is one of the most famed places in Norway.The summers are the best time to visit the innate beauty, while the winters are luminous for skiing. You can stay at the wooden houses in the town and enjoy astonishing shopping opportunities.

You can find a number of other renowned places in Norway while wondering around various corners in the country.

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