Norway As Seen By A Tourist

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Travel to Norway

The moment I realized that I have a craving for a good escapade, I went through every list of possible cities that could possibly go well with my taste. And a thought just came up to my mind: why not Norway? It was not the first time I have been to that place. So Norway it was. I had fun with every part of the journey, may it be good or bad. A great adventure it is to explore the marvel of a place. I had been to a lot of places in Norway and I just felt the need to give you a glimpse of my experiences when I was out there. It was a journey filled with exhilarating memories and happenings.

For a road trip experience, Norway had a lot of excitement in store for travellers who want more than a weekend getaway just like me! From road trip, I already witnessed amazing views and sceneries along the way, which was actually great for someone with a thing for thrilling moments in life! I have witnessed a range of wonderful view from fjords to astonishing landscapes. Experience varies with season though. I find it better to roam around those winding roads with our own car since it gave us the freedom to choose our own trail and to discover magnificent sites by ourselves.

Travel to Norway

But doing this meant a very big responsibility laid on our shoulders. We had limited access to assistance on the roadside, probably because the roads are very lengthy and so as the distances. Some roads were closed during winter season, this would also mean that you will miss attractions of those places. I can understand why they had to take that action, they had to protect us and other people from dangers brought about by the climate while along the road.

One thing for sure, having that road trips meant both transport and a free rollercoaster ride for me! Routes like Hardanger had this view points by which we made a stop to breathe in the picturesque natural environment along the way. Another National Tourist Route worth noting for like the Hardanger was the Lofoten. It gave us a whole new picture of the place with its path exposing the breathtaking sights of mountains and beaches as we passed by. I can’t imagine such developments and enhancements on a place.

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Travel to Norway

The Longyearbyen road however, was something I haven’t really appreciated. Bad conditions of the road hinder the trip though but what do you expect? It’ winter anyway, so it’s fine. I thought it was a bad idea going there at first, but later on I realized that at least we had experienced such a challenge. What is a journey without a little spice in it, right? One thing to always bear in mind is that roads there may offer us a splendid trip but at the same time, they may offer us the same amount of danger if not taken seriously and given full attention. Lessons learned and this time, if I will be planning on spending most of my vacation of road trips, I would probably make sure that the car is in good condition, take an experienced driver with me who knows the road well and maybe some advice won’t spoil the trip.

Now enough about the road trips, the real deal is about to start. As mentioned earlier, experiences vary depending on the season by which your plan has come upon. I have managed to experience both winter and summer seasons, at different trips of course. The weather can change in a quick manner, you may be caught off guard when you experience some Arctic conditions even on a summer time. That’s one thing I tried adjusting while in my stay there. Conditions can rapidly change and may get worse without warning. And the way to be prepared on both worlds would be packing garments for both seasons. Maybe not all kinds of garments for the said seasons, but at least a few kinds. Going there during winter time did not stop me from having fun.

Travel to Norway

During the months of November to approximately mid April, it was expected that temperature is very low. Therefore, skiing was surely an activity I did not fail to carry out! It was quite a long way to get to the Helldalisen’s summit, where we were planning to start the ski quest. Unfortunately, the weather got in our way which extended our anticipation. It took us days to get there and upon setting foot to the said mountain, it was not what I expected as a slope peak. But nevertheless, I enjoyed the Norwegian mountains. One piece of advice for an explorer like me: avoid taking too much stuffs with you, it is not going to be a smooth climb.

What people might have considered dangerous in Norway would be the polar bears in Svalbard. Indeed, reported attacks here by polar bears sent shivers down my spine! We had to have an armed person or guide with us at all times to avoid such attacks. Luckily, we had no encounter of such animal that time. For me, it was not something to be taken for granted. I wanted to roam around without feeling threatened and always on guard.

I have to admit, heading for a sight of Norway’s northern lights was probably one of the best decision ever. I don’t know about you guys but for me, having a glimpse of the breath-taking aurora borealis on a winter venture in Norway. That was one superb achievement for me. The heavens highlighted with green color. It is such a great destination point that you people should include on your itinerary!

Travel to Norway

The food offered there includes seafood. They were fresh and provide satisfaction. Another thing worth noting would be the terrifying airport in Svalbard, Norway. The runways were built on the thick layer of ice which is now very unsafe because of changes in ice caused by global warming. People should be aware of that. The fact that Norway is inhabited nowadays with immigrants somehow frightens me. The numerous cases of assaults and rapes along the place gave Norway a bad reputation for some travellers. We had to roam around in groups so that we can feel safe. A lot of crimes are happening there and this would mean a need for protection while you are in there. Oslo is an example of the place crowded with immigrants. I heard people losing some valuables but I don’t think the immigrants are to be held accountable for all of those crimes being made. I had no experience being robbed while was in there so why should I condemn that place? Technically, it is like any other country wherein crimes are happening. There is no perfect country in the world so I would not bother judging this one. It gave me remarkable memories after all.

 Overall, a trip to Norway was worthwhile whatever season you go there. There are a lot of activities every city has to offer. To avoid the dangers, it is advisable to follow the rules and codes that the government has implemented there. And for the record, Norway isn’t that bad as many people have thought it would be.

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