College Sponsored Trip To Oman

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I was propitious to be among the two selected students who were sponsored by the tourist department in our college to visit the country of our own choice. In essence, was a reward for the remarkable hard work and many other supportive contributions that we had offered to the department. My friend Emilio and I were the luckiest people to accolade the beautiful country, Oman. Basically Oman is among the Arabian countries. This is one of the countries in the Middle East having many potential scenic tourist sites and marvelous attractions that has not been discovered and explored by many tourists.

 College sponsored trip to Oman

Fundamentally, this country is the most visited and a tourist destination in the world. It was a long hour journey which took the flight more than a day to reach our destination. We then landed on the beautiful city of Oman Muscat. It was this city that formed the basis of our enthralling adventure; we primarily went through the outline of the tourists sites which were provided at the National Archives and Heritage. The country has many eye-catching and splendor tourist’s sites that rest on its entire land. There are numerous tombs, cities, mountains, scenic forts, sand dunes, deserts safaris among many others. We had the best experience that compelled me to extol her wonderful beauties.

 College sponsored trip to Oman

We kicked off at the Qurum beach in Muscat city. The coastline that surrounded the beach was bordered by small enchanting hills. We actually had hard time to move from place to place within the coastline due to loose sand that buried our legs and made the entire walking experience more tiresome and weary. Despite of this challenge, we managed to reach our respective places. The beach was crowded and having a market like situation. Several activities like; swimming, sunning, Kite surfing, diving, snorkeling, boating, surfing and shell collection married the whole coastline place making it to be full of events. We immediately found ourselves a good activity to keep us busy. Boating and snorkeling were our greatest hobby. My friend was a bit scary when we left a few distances from the coastline towards the sea as it was his first time boating. Thereafter, we enjoyed swimming which made us love the place. We finally rested on the finest rocks beside the coast in order to enjoy the warming sun that illuminated the place. It was actually one of our best relaxing moments.

 College sponsored trip to Oman

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We then travelled towards the Wahiba Sands. It is one of the most reputable deserts in Oman. Actually, the place had spectacular and wonderful desert features like the amazing sand dunes that were as high as 150m. We had an opportunity to be carried by a fantastic camel. This eased our touring because walking on the sand was so difficult due to slack sand that would sink somebody’s legs. It was my first time to have a look at the beautiful dune that gave the desert its exceptional distinctive features. We were almost overcome by the strong winds that blew across us. It was so strong that it nearly went away with our cloths. We even wondered how the communities leaving around the desert had been able to overcome the strong winds and also protect themselves from the small specks of sand that can damage the eyes. We then ceased our lovely adventure in the desert by sand boarding. It was actually an interesting experience that left us doing it several times. Indeed our trip was going great.

 College sponsored trip to Oman

On the other hand, Oman has several outstanding and scenic caves. We managed to visit the Al-Hoota limestone cave which happened to be one of the most popular and famous cave in Oman. The cave was unique in its internal structure, it had an underground lake, syncline and anticline features that were protruding upwards and downwards inside it. The main cave entrance was filled with splendor rocks that made it more attractive and delightful. The light illuminated a small area on the inside of the cave that left us not to proceed any further due to scary and frightening darkness.

 College sponsored trip to Oman

We also managed to visit some of the adorable forts in Oman, Nakhal Fort.  It had stunning and spectacular buildings that were carefully constructed long time ago which acted as an asylum during the time of wars. It was also a place of defense and preparation for the battle. Some of the buildings were tall and had thick walls which in essence made it to withstand numerous attacks and external conditions. We also got a chance to see the hall that was used for social gatherings and for educational purposes. There was a long tunnel that was several kilometers away which was used by the solders to make secret escape.  Actually, the fort was one of the most interesting and alluring places I have ever seen. This left us an urge to continue exploring the fort and inquiring for more information about its specific purposes that it used to serve during the war. Truly it was one of the interactive and tremendous forts in Oman.  We had to promise ourselves if gotten the opportunity again to give the place a first priority.

 College sponsored trip to Oman

We then progressed to the picturesque ancient settlements and tombs situated in Bat. It was actually a fascinating place due to its structural appearances. We also toured the cemetery that had about one hundred tombs. The cemeteries were distinctive and exceptional because they were built in a beehive style. The cemetery had also several burial chambers that were used long time ago. Though having old buildings, it still bestowed the honor and tribute to the deceased. This place was also used as a mass grave to those who lost their lives in the war. We laid flowers randomly as it was not designed specifically for any identified deceased people. Certainly, the place had many things to discover but time was not on our side and we left with no choice till another time.

 College sponsored trip to Oman

We finally ended our marvelous adventure at the Turtle reserve situated in Ras al-Jinz near Sur. We had an opportunity to see several turtle species that were swimming around the Indian Ocean. We had a fantastic view of dolphins in the seas of Oman that had a dramatic movement. This scenic view attracted more people who came to watch dolphins playing their dramatic and amazing movements by jumping out and into the waters.  We also saw many whales swimming unanimously around the shores of the coast. We also enjoyed maneuvering along the beaches and appreciating the good nature surroundings that married the entire coastline with charming and pleasant air. This place had numerous birds that have made it receive many visitors globally. We finally went stood at the highest point where we had a good chance to watch a variety of bird’s species .The birds flew marvelously to the sky and others were landing to the same place.

 College sponsored trip to Oman

Oman historically is known to receive many birds as they migrate from several parts of Europe and Asia while some of them being indigenous. Due to this attractive migratory nature of birds, Oman city annually receives many tourists from all over the world who come to see this tremendous nature. We finally terminated our lovely adventure in Oman. It was indeed an incredible and superb opportunity to have visited Oman. Certainly, we had many to tell, inform and also share many sensational experiences to our friends and those who wished to visit the best tourist places in their holidays.


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What an wonderful initaitive and what better way to become Citizen of the World bigtup

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