Wyndham Grand Playa Blanca Hotel

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If you are looking for a place to enjoy the best moments of your life and earn some eternal memories with beauty all around, then Panama is your destination! Last week, I travelled to Panama with my husband and we had a wonderful time in this beautiful country. We didn’t want to compromise with our comfort; so we had pre - booked a room in Wyndham Grand Playa Blanca hotel. This hotel is located in Rio Hato. After travelling for a few hours; we wanted to take some rest. The hotel staff gave us a warm welcome and they showed us the way to our room. With the first look of our room, we forgot our tiredness. From the color of the walls to the decoration of the room; everything was perfect. It was an excellent blend of color and creativity. There was a mini bar in the room. The views from the balcony were awesome. We were very impressed. We loved to relax on cozy and comfortable bed of our room.

Wyndham Grand Playa Blanca Hotel

The entire architecture of this hotel is marvelous. Everything is very well-managed. This luxurious hotel provides countless facilities to its customers. It has a restaurant, a café, a well-equipped fitness center, even an excellent saloon. The dining hall is also very pretty and they provide prompt service. The most beautiful part according to me is its swimming pool which looks awesome at night. There is a bar right in between the pool and also a good seating arrangement out there. Our staying experience in this grand hotel was awesome and we enjoyed being in this stunning and comfortable hotel.

Wyndham Grand Playa Blanca Hotel

Apart from our comfortable and pleasant stay in Wyndham Grand Playa Blanca hotel; we also enjoyed watching the major attractions of Panama. We took pleasure in the beauty of several cities of Panama and also did many exciting activities. We started with seeing all the grand tourist attractions of Panama City. This city is famous for its diverse culture and charming beauty. You could see some dazzling lakes, some outstanding architecture, amazing wildlife and many more. We started with the Mirafloor Locks which is famous for stunning views of the famous Panama Canal. We saw some ships trading through this amazing waterway. The visitor center of Mirafloor Locks is very nice and you could see the stunning Views of Panama Lake from this place. Panama Canal connects the Pacific Ocean with Atlantic Ocean. This 50 miles stretched waterway is a great engineering feat built in 1914. We got very curious to see this amazing waterway from close and we booked a trip with a private company which operates boat cruise through the Panama Canal.

Wyndham Grand Playa Blanca Hotel

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The tour operator took us to their small ship which can board around 300 people at a time. Many people were already present on the ship and we joined them. As soon as the ship started sailing on the sparkling water of Panama Canal; we all got very excited. A mystical happiness could be seen on everyone’s face. We were also very happy and we were looking forward to have some great time. Well, this boat cruise lived up to our anticipations. We had great fun during our canal transit till Gamboa. The food that they served was also very good. We saw many good-looking buildings and wonderful landscapes throughout our transit. If you are willing to see this amazing place, then make sure to visit here after 2 pm as all the valuable views could be seen after this time only.

Wyndham Grand Playa Blanca Hotel

During Panama Canal Transit; we saw some wonderful attractions of Panama. Gatun Lake was one of those attractions. This lake is the second largest man-made lake in the world. Watching this man-made magnificence was truly delightful. There was a rainforest on its edge. We spotted many animals during our cruise. Watching an approximately 13 foot long crocodile was really a thrill. He was watching us by holding this head high. It seemed as if he was waiting for us to fall in the water so that he could get his lunch.  But the poor fellow had to go back in water with empty stomach. It was very entertaining to watch such giant crocodile. We also took delight of fishing in Panama Lake and we were able to catch 10 small fish by the end of the day. It was like winning a competition because many people were enjoying fishing and we caught the highest number of fish. We spotted many animals on the way. This boat cruise in the Panama Canal was certainly the best cruise we have ever taken.

Wyndham Grand Playa Blanca Hotel

You must also see Casco Viejo in Panama City. It is also known as the old city. There is a lot to see in the old city which includes ancient architectures which beautifully reveal the royalty of old times. You could see many charming churches and historical plazas. Walking through the streets of the old city takes you back to the regal history of Panama City. Due to great historical value of this place, it has been enrolled in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We hired a local guide and headed to the old city on our rented taxi. Our guide was very informative and he had dozen of interesting stories about this place. We loved listening to him. We saw many old and impressive buildings out there. This place is a perfect fusion of old and new architectures and it seems as if the past and the present are dating at this place. We enjoyed wandering in the old streets and watching the magnificence of the old city. We watched the lovely sunset views from the terrace of a side café. If you are interested in knowing about the history of Panama City then you must visit the old city. This place is home to many famous sites including Iglesia San Jose and Teatro National.

Wyndham Grand Playa Blanca Hotel

It was our last day in Panama City as we had planned to visit Boquete on the next day. We were done with watching all the major attractions of Panama City but we were feeling that something was still unseen. Then we figured out that we had not seen the 360 degree views of this stunning city. So, in order to fulfill our zeal; we moved to Ancon Hill. It’s a famous geological formation from where you can see the outstanding full view of Panama City. We went to the top by passing through a narrow one way road. The views from the top were very lovely. We could see Panama Lake, Casco Viejo and many other famous sites of the Panama City. The vegetation around the city was looking very beautiful and it was giving a touch of freshness to the whole city. Panama Lake looks even more stunning from this place. We were amazed to watch the beautiful views of the Panama City.

Wyndham Grand Playa Blanca Hotel

As per our plan; we headed to Boquete on the next day. Boquete is a gorgeous city and it offers numerous outdoor activities to fill our vacations with fun. We had the most memorable time of our Panama vacations in this city. The natural beauty of this city made our vacations very beautiful. We wanted to have adventure and that is why we booked a tour with Boquete Outdoor Adventures. This company is well-known in Boquete for organizing adventure trips. They offer many activities like whitewater rafting, ziplining, snorkeling, fishing and cloud forest hiking. We opted to do whitewater rafting and we had a very fascinating experience. We spent hours enjoying this enchanting experience. We wanted to enjoy other activities especially cloud forest hiking but we could not do this due to our tight schedule. But we would definitely try this some time.

Wyndham Grand Playa Blanca Hotel

This way, our journey came to an end and we had to come back to our home but we made a promise to each other and Panama as well that we would revisit this stunning country again to enjoy its beauty and adventures. 


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