Asuncion To Campo Grande By Bus

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The Museo del Barro in Asuncion features the history of Paraguay with contemporary culture. It's a nice place to discover, understand, and learn more about the country and its arts.

Asuncion To Campo Grande By Bus

Campo Grande

Campo Grande has its share of world class museum with the Dom Bosco Museum. The themed museum has exhibits about the preserved animals, insects and stones and indigenous part with the various tribes.

Here are the available modes of transport from Asuncion to Campo Grande.

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Asuncion To Campo Grande By Bus

The distance between Asuncion to Campo Grande is 773 km. There are two bus rides to complete when travelling from Asuncion to Campo Grande. First, take the Municipalidad de Asuncion bus that is bound to the Pedro Juan de Caballero bus station. From here, take a cab to reach the Ponta Pora bus terminal where you need to take the second bus ride via Expresso Queiroz bus that is bound to Campo Grande. The total travel time is 13 hours for US$47. For further details, visit:

Asuncion To Campo Grande By Bus

If you choose to drive, the travel time is 11 hours.

Asuncion To Campo Grande By Train

There is no railway service that covers the Asuncion to Campo Grande route.

Asuncion To Campo Grande By Plane

There are three commercial flights that offer daily flights from Asuncion to Campo Grande. The travel time is six hours and 30 minutes. The plane ticket can be purchased for US$340. For details, check:

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