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Paraguay is a little-known landlocked country, which has found itself somewhat isolated  from even its neighbours in the past by geography and politics. It is one of the continent's least densely populated countries, made up of mostly mestizos (people of mixed Spanish and Native American descent) but there is also a Japanese community, created by post-WWII migration.

Since 1811, when it became independent, Paraguay has been governed mainly by dictatorships and has endured a number of costly wars against neighbouring countries.
The country will particularly appeal to travellers who have already been to larger, more varied South American destinations, but who are now ready to experience the more subtle attractions of the continent such as learning about the Guarani Indians, watching Nanduti lace being made or seeing a jaguar or alligator. In addition, Paraguay boasts breathtaking waterfalls  where the borders of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina come together. For all these reasons, Paraguay is definitely a country worth discovering.

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I am also planning to visit paraguay.........Thanks for the post this will definetely help me while visit.

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