Inca Trail Two Days One Night Or Just Train Cusco

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im trying to decide if its good value to do the inca trail for two days and one night or better just taking the train to go Machu Pichu for the day and the going back to Cusco.
So far for what i saw in internet, the trip two days one night including the hostel and train cost 310 U$s ,comparing to the train that cost return tiket 110 U$S.
I have time to be between Cusco and Machu Pichu 5 days,so i can t do the trail for 4 days there nights ,so the options are two days one night or just the train and visiting it for one day or maybe staying there one night and then going back by train.
Also another thing is that i didn t booked anything,so far and im going on from the 23 of april untill the 27 ,so not sure if i should book it as soosn as posible, the inca train or tiket or its ok if i do that when im in Cusco.
Looking forward to advices from other travellers.


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Hey Elias! (My dear friend) bigsmile3

When I was in Peru I did the trek for 4 days 3 nights and it was awesome!!!

First day we did around 7 hours of bike riding, (I fell really badly and broke my bones, but that's a different story)

the other 3 days we did a journey of extensive walks. I remember last night we had to wake up early morning around

4am, to make it to Machu Picchu before sunset anisun, so we could watch it there, to be honest it wasn't a very nice sunset

at all, had I known that I would have spent more time in bed...


I don't recommend you just to take the train, since you miss the whole magic of walking there

through trees and lush forests, waiting till the big moment comes, to finally encounter Machu Picchu and truly appreciate

this fantastic and magical place.

You said you didn't have enough time for such a long trek, so I'll take the trail for 2 days 1 night.

That way you won't rush to Machu Picchu and have time to get there slowly and properly enjoy the views on your way.


When you finally get to Machu Picchu first thing you have to do is queue for a ticket to go visit Winna Picchu,

(Just ask where the queue for a ticket to Winna Picchu is)

This ticket is given to you for free, but there are limited amount of them I think only around 500 a day.

The reason is because Winna Picchu has narrow trails and they don't want too many people to climb it in one day,

since it may be dangerous. So if you have the energy to climb again,

do it, you are going to get there amazing views to Machu Picchu from above and you can get some

fantastic pictures from this angle!


Finally regarding your question whether you have to book it ahead or not, so to be honest when I traveled there I had exactly the

same question, so I understand your concerns. The answer is definitely NO! Firstly if you book your tour in Cusco

it will cost you much cheaper than booking it ahead, because when you book ahead you get more touristy price always!!!

Secondly the only tour that you have to book ahead is the ORIGINAL Machu Picchu tour, this tour people book like 6 month ahead or even

earlier. But to be honest the original tour is much more expensive than the alternative tour (what I did),

I chose the alternative tour since you don't have to book it ahead at all, and it goes parallel to the ORIGINAL Machu Picchu trail,

so you get to see the same views!

Some people even say that the alternative tour with the bike is even more fun, and the views are even more beautiful.

The only thing about the Original trail is the fact that it was the real trail where the Incas walked their way up to Machu Picchu, but who

cares to walk in the real trail when you can see more lush views, pay less and not having to book it months ahead.

Conclusion: simply booking the alternative tour.

Finally to get you inspired here is a picture that I took from Winna Picchu...


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Best Regards, and have a lot of fun!!!

Your Friend,


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Thanks Lalo.

Ill search for the alternative trail,didn t knew about that one.

I just has the idea of the regular inca trail and knew about the capacity of 500 people a day,but never heard about the alternative trail.

Good tip.

Im going this friday,can t wait to be travelling again ,yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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wait, i didn t get wich is the alternative tour,is that the wina pichu ?

You can also hire that tour in a regular travell agency in Cusco ?

So if i want the alternative tour i should asl in the tourist agencies for the wina pichu tour but first i should get my free tiket to wina pichu ?


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The alternative tour is simply not the original tour.

There are several alternative tours, it varies from 1 night to 4 nights, depends on your time constraints.

I did the one with 4 nights, and as I told you before the first day was on bikes.

The best thing to do is when in Cusco go to a travel agency, trust me there are lots of them,

and ask for an alternative tour to Machu Picchu, tell them how many days you got, and they will offer

you a lot of different tours. I simply told you not to do the original tour because this one is already booked 6 months ahead

and costs 10 times more than an alternative tour.

Wina Picchu is not a tour, when you get to Machu Picchu where all the ruins are, you can choose weather or not to climb

Wina Picchu, it is inside Machu Picchu, all the different tours will get you there, because all of them go to Machu Picchu.

If you do choose to climb Wina Picchu as I told you before, when you get inside Machu Picchu (after you show them the entrance to the ruins) rush to the queue to get a free ticket to Wina Picchu so you can climb it later if you want.

You can choose when to climb it, after seeing all the ruins in Machu Picchu or before.....

Hope it is clearer now, if not let me know and I'll answer all your questions....


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Have a great day,


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